Ok first off I was on ESPNU's Big East Blog and it's like half of the messages were

from fans that came there just to bash the Big East, but to be fair I was reading a

Mich. Blog and it seemed like half the comments were from WVU fans talking about

"Whats his Name".  To be truthful, I do see alot of Big East hating/bashing going on, it

seems like were the kid everyone wants to pick on, but i've been like what do we have

to do to prove ourself? I look at it like this WVU is second only to USC in record for the last 

3 years. Louisville coming into the Big East and proving they can play big time football

the last 4-5 yrs and South Fla. "WOW" that team sure is building a big time team

faster than anyone now or before. WVU has beaten teams like GA (21 point underdag)

GA TECH (17 pt Underdog) and then theres last years bowl game with OU (WVU can't

win underdog) and teams like Cinn, Rutgers, are not that bad of teams. If you take away

the Big East top three and compare it to any other conference (Except: SEC ... Just can't

wait till the Auburn game this Oct.) with there top 3 teams out what you got? All i have to

say is "Bring it on, we are strong and we are getting stronger." I don't think the bashing is

as much bashing as it is concern. Oh one other final note when the ACC Raided the Big East few

years back, I want to say Thank You. You've built yourselves a nice strong conference there.

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