As the Boston Celtics played against the Orlando Magic tonight, it was a must win situation. They were down in the series 2-1 and Orlando looked unstoppable in Game 3. Everything seemed in array for the tired, but determined Celtics. But somehow, they just will not stop fighting.

The odds are against them. They're playing against a stronger team. They're playing against a team that has faced lesser struggles. But, for some reason, the Celtics aren't lying down.

With 32.5 seconds left on the clock and the Magic leading 92-91, Glen "Big Baby” Davis makes a jumper to bring the Celtics into the lead at 93-92. Soon after Davis knocked down a huge shot, the Magic makes two free-throws to put them ahead with about 12 seconds left on the clock, 94-93. Immediately, the Celtics call a full time out to devise a plan that could possibly tie the series at 2-all. After the time out, Pierce gets the ball and he then finds Davis. Davis knocks down the shot with 0.0. The Celtics win 95-94.

On that note, the Celtics will not give up, and if they are to lose this series the Magic would have gotten everything they had. This is what true basketball players are about; this is what true athletes are about: leaving everything on the playing field. When all is said and done, the Celtics will have done that.

Congrats to Big Baby for making the clutch shots and for playing like a man. Good luck to Boston Celtics and the Orlando Magic as they try to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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