A 12 year-old Connecticut boy threw his name in the ring for the head coaching position at West Virginia. This kid not only expressed his interest in coaching the football squad, he also made a point to inform the university President of the marketing buzz his hiring would cause.

> "Consider the publicity your campus would receive," he wrote in the letter. "I understand this would be a move more suited for a team like Temple, but I am just asking for your consideration."Don't think of this as hiring a 12-year-old kid from a nowhere town, but think of this as hiring a dedicated football mind trying to help a team," he said. "I would work for any conditions you would wish to provide."

You have to love how the kid, in the midst of writing a serious letter, insults the Temple football program. Al Golden is not impressed. His vocabulary is top notch as well, what twelve year old kid knows the word publicity? Kudos to his English teacher. We think this situation is made even more funny because half of the Mountaineers fan base might rather a 12 year-old boy coach the team then the guy they hired, Bill Stewart.

Connecticut boy applied for Mountaineer coaching job (ESPN)

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