I could not agree more with Jim Caple.

The next WBC team for USA needs to be selected and managed by somebody who is both current in baseball and not afraid to hurt people's feelings, sombody who knows how and wants to win above all else. Oh and we can leave Jeter out of it in my opinion too, not only is his defense quite medoicre but he didn't hit worth a crap either. In fact it would be cool with me if all of the Yankees stayed home. The USA doesn't really need representation from the center of the worst of the MLB's ego problems, bloated contracts, and babied super stars in order to win.

I like the youth and well rounded veteran movement. Rollins, Longoria, Roberts, Granderson, Sizemore, DeRosa, Wright, Youkilis, Pedroia, Victorino etc., these guys couldn't all play but they were all brilliant choices for Team USA. Jeter, Chipper Jones, and the like can all stay home. Nothing against Chipper other than his age and inability to  play everyday, and his lack of preparation for the WBC (not all his fault) which was obvious in how poorly he hit and how he got himself hurt. The WBC is no place for guys nursing themselves into the end of their careers, I don't care how good they are. Eventually every super star falls of the table. Representing America isn't the time. Good luck to Chipper over 162 with the Braves this season and to Jeter as well with Yankees.

That Japan team proved that planning and execution win the day in tournament play. All in all USA chose a better rounded team probably capable of winning in the right hands. USA needs to change its philosophy on preperation, management, and the use of players to win the next one. We will get there.

To all the fans, get with the program and watch the next WBC. In everybody's defense though, it will be easier when the MLB Network is more established since March will always be a bit inconvenient for garnering ESPN's full commitment. Oh and did anybody else get the impression Joe Morgan wasn't really paying attention to last night's game?

Oh well... It was fun while it lasted... but now I will be super anxious for the start of the 2009 Cubs Season! Go Cubs!


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