The Cincinnati Bengals did some housekeeping today. It was housekeeping that was well needed for that team with a lot of talent but more off the field problems than even Dr. Phil could solve. They took action.

The NFL team today released (er, make that kicked to the curb) Chris Henry for off the field problems that got him in jail for the fifth time since 2005. One or two times, maybe. Five? What the hell were they thinking? Or were they thinking? Henry lost the right to be a Bengal after he lost his job while in jail awaiting arraignment on assault charges on Thursday.

Henry, 24, and a 2005 third-round pick from West Virginia, where he and suspended Tennessee Titans cornerback Pacman Jones were teammates, entered not guilty pleas for him after Henry was accused of punching an 18-year-old man in the face and breaking his car window with a beer bottle. Sounds like a plot line from "Law & Order," doesn't it? I'm waiting for Briscoe and Green to come in and cuff him.

Municipal Court Judge Bernie Bouchard set bond at $51,000 on charges of misdemeanor assault and criminal damaging. Noting Henry’s previous arrests involving drugs, guns and alcohol, the judge called Henry “a one-man crime wave.” He ordered electronic monitoring if Henry makes bail. Where's ADA Sutherland to oppose this and have him remanded to custody?

Rae Carruth, Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, etc. When does it end, if ever? Left in my power, I would not pay him another dime. In fact, I would make it my life's goal to ban him from football for life, this includes AFL and the CFL.

The Bengals are a fine organization, with lots of history on its side. They took the first step to restoring some of the luster lost by Henry, who chose to act as if he is above the law. Cincinnati chose to be like Jack McCoy and throw the book at him. The Bengals were consider the worst offenders in recent history, with 10 players wearing handcuffs in a 14-month span from April of 2006 to June of 2007. This is a start which I hope that other teams will and should follow.

Bengals president Mike Brown, whose famous father Paul coached the very first Bengals team, said in a statement that Henry, an often brilliant receiver who would be in his fourth pro season this year, had forfeited his career with the club. “His conduct can no longer be tolerated,” Brown said.

Chris Henry threw his career under the bus with his behavior. Now that career's road kill.

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