This just in...The dog ate his homework too!

"I wasn't really sure of the time…Everybody started onto the field and then I got over there and I wanted to congratulate Tom. I've been in that situation before after the game. I wanted to get over there and congratulate him and congratulate him on the championship. There really wasn't much left at that point."

And that, that’s none other than Bill Belichick’s reasoning behind why he left the field Sunday before the clock showed quadruple goose eggs. For someone who’s into all the fine details, this is the best lame ass excuse you could muster up? I must say, this is highly disappointing to hear, (well, at least for me) is this the best song and dance he could come up with 48 hours after the fact? This is the best song and dance he could put on for us…Well then, this can only mean one thing. I guess he won’t be appearing on Dancing with the Stars this offseason. Because if Bill was indeed a good tap dancer, well he might’ve conjured up some of these…At least they would be a little more believable…

The sushi I ate last night came back to haunt me. I decided to use this game as a training run for the Boston Marathon. It was too dry in University of Phoenix Stadium. This is the first time I ever wore these shoes, needed to break’em in. The batteries went dead in my headset

See, now those could’ve actually worked! However, come on, whoever believes that bull shit you gave us…Well, I’d just like to say I’ve got some property down in the Florida Everglades I’m trying to get rid of and since it’s a buyers market perhaps the ones who believe Peeping Tom might be interested! You know where to find me! Is it just me, but does anyone else find this comical, in the same sense we thought it was to watch Tom Brady get smashed time and time again on Sunday! How awesome was it to watch that? In the same sense, how awesome is it to hear this "my dog ate my homework excuse"? I must again admit, it also disappoints me seeing as since Double B loves to watch other people's game tape he must’ve not studied up on Fox’s…If he did he missed one very important aspect! Everybody in their mothers were trying to convey that the game wasn’t over!! Hey Bill, check the tape, asshole! Looks to me and everyone else like some tried to inform you of the contrary, but for some reason you wanted no part of it…Couldn’t wait to get in the locker room so you could make like a little five-year old snot nose kid and go kicking and screaming to your heart was content! That, and oh yeah, MF your team out which is well-documented you love doing so much! It’s not like you had a plane to catch anytime soon…You didn’t have to worry, the plane wasn’t going to leave without your sorry ass, although they would’ve probably loved to! Or did an outlet store in the Greater Glendale Metro area, (if such a place even exists) have a Super Bowl loser special and you wanted to beat all the crowds like it was some holiday shopping extravaganza. "Patriot Gear 75% Off…We don’t want this shit anymore!"

Speaking of a child, all during last week it was well documented about your younger days growing up, (hell, it’s not like you have anyhow) and how they were spent with your big daddy on the Annapolis campus…Being around Midshipmen, both on and off the field. One would’ve thought you would’ve picked up some positive mannerisms along the way! You know, have dignity, respect, love thy country, commitment to excellence, (oops, that’s the Oakland Raiders, but you get my point)…Funny, I can’t see any of those qualities in you! Rather it’s a complete asshole, sore loser, classless and a full fledged cheat that comes to mind! Yeah, that’s it in a nutshell!

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