Yesterday Russia held a junior team in the U.S., where on April 9 starts the World Championship, controlling the match with a team in Switzerland. Playing with the Swiss was the last test before the World, and defeat an opponent - 7:3 allows high expectations await the main launch event year.          - Despite a confident victory, first of our guys was not easy to get used to the smallest sites, - said yesterday in a conversation with the correspondent "SE" Alexander Shapiro, chief coach of Junior Team of Russia Vladimir Ivy. - These boxes are a contact game, not everything can be solved individual player skill. Would mark the first two Five, which played an active and made the greatest contribution to success. The game turned out to be quite rigid, the removal was done. Encouraging that the team played well in most, 5 times excess. At the same time, the match showed that we had problems on the defensive - some of the defenders did not look quite confident."" yura272727 ""


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