Warning: I'm a noob (or new) at this, please excuse my errors...

 How To:

The holidays are passing by and you gained a couple hundred pounds. Need a little motivation? This may help, it helps my slightly overweight lazy ass myself. And this is how it works! For starters, we will start at the College Basketball Level. You will need a stopwatch, but a timer would probably be better, you're cellphone would do. Set up the clock at one minute and forty seconds (1:40), or which ever you chose and that will be your first half. Of course, the second half will follow and if your not winded yet, you can give the second half a chance. If you want to take a halftime break, do so. Set your timer at one minute (or which ever you chose), then go back at it again with the second half and try to beat your first half score. After that timer goes off, you can fall flat on the floor and faint. Your gut is now thanking you. And here is the result:

                         1 st 2 nd TOTAL

                  You  36  28   64

Now, if you don't have any others to challenge on this field of exercise at home or at the fitness place, you could just play in the big ten. To better explain this approach, let's say you want to play against Michigan State, the game is coming up. You could do this before, during or after the game. So, while you play your own first and second half, your results:

                           1 st 2 nd TOTAL

                    You  39  30   69

Michigan State and Eastern Michigan had now finished there game just sometime after you did your share, keep in mind that you are challenging Michigan State and not Eastern Michigan. Unless you are a fan of Michigan State, they had won the game 75-63.

                            1 st 2 nd TOTAL

            Mich State 35  40    75

         Eastern Mich 31 32     63

But, Michigan State also beat you too...

                             1 st 2 nd TOTAL

             Mich State 35  40     75

                       You 39  30     69

    NBA Play:

The NBA way to play is with four quarters at one minute each (or which ever you choose) a thirty or forty second break between the first and second quarters and the third and fourth quarters. And a one minute and twenty second breather at halftime. Challenge your favortie team or the team you really hate, and go for it.

                     1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th TOTAL

                You 21 28 25 20     94

             Detroit 23 24 19 21    87

Detroit beat Boston 87-85, but you beat Detroit at the challenge of a score of 94-87.



Oh boy, overtime! Just never thought that would happen. If you are challenging your team before or during the game with it reaching overtime, if you feel okay to do so, get back down and set that clock for twenty-five seconds.

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