My grandson Matthew was filmed last season while still playing in the pitching machine league. Anyone not having time to watch the whole video should at the very least watch his diving catch when he gets up and throws the batter out at first base. It is almost at the very end.

You will see him hitting the ball and running at the very first of the video. You will also see him taking a throw at third base to force a runner out and throwing the ball to second to force a runner out there. Matthew is also shown in still photo at first base.

Also included is a still shot of former major leaguer Kevin McGehee who was in Giants organization but was traded to Orioles before he pitched for them in 1993 and then encountered arm problems. He was Matthew's coach last season. He has been working with Greg Smith who was recalled by the A's today and should help the A's pitching rotation. In the photo with Matthew he is giving Matthew one of his minor league baseball cards...don't know if he ever had a major league card.

The one thing you will notice is the zest Matthew has for the game. Whether he ever makes the majors or not he will have enjoyed every minute of playing baseball. This to me is what baseball is all about: [1]

Video:Niteowl's Grandson

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