My grandson Matthew made the 9 year old All Stars in Dixie Youth baseball in Tioga, Louisiana. He played shortstop, third base, catcher and pitcher during the season but they used him in center field in a practice game as his All Star team gets ready for the tournament. He told me on phone last night that he is fielding well and throwing well in center field. He also said he hit a ball to where he stands in center field. His coach is former major league pitcher Kevin McGehee who pitched for the Orioles.

Earlier in the season he wasn't hitting that well but right before All Stars were picked he started making contact consistently and he was hitting a lot of balls to the outfield. The sad part is that he probably won't get much playing time since most of the team that went to second place in the state tournament is on this year's team so he probably won't get to play much if any.

Still it was a great accomplishment for him to make the team and there is still a small chance he will play so well in practice that he might get to play some in the tournament. The saddest thing is that I will miss all of his games since I am 673 miles away in Tennessee.

Matthew is pictured in my profile at

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