Very simple here:  the two sports are driving everyone under the table with all these fines and suspensions for questioning the refs and umpires.  If I remember correctly, the U.S. Constitution has a small phrase allowing for FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Please give me a break.  It is the fans' right to question the umpires and refs when they think a call is bad, wrong, or questionable.  The players, managers, coaches, and owners have the same right to that freedom of speech as we all do and the two semi-morons that run the NBA and MLB should either:

  1. Learn how to read, or
  2. Get off their high horses and get back to the basic games.

Yes, umpires and refs make bad and questionable calls, and that is something everyone has to live with. But fining and suspending is something I think is wrong and out of line, unless they really go too far.  Spitting, jumping on them, kicking them (AKA Leo D and Jocko Conlan) and just outright in their faces isn't right or acceptable at any time.  But let the players complain about the calls if they think they are wrong; don't leave the owners and coaches out of this either.  I used to love it when Leo and Casey would run out to the plate in get face to face with the umpires, yelling and making fools of themselves. One time, Leo kicked dirt on Jocko and accidentally hit him in the shin; if you believed Leo that was an accident. He got fined and suspended, but at that time, it was the thing to do. Leo got out of line completely and left baseball with no place to go but suspension.  I used to watch players hang all over Kareem and Wilt and no calls were made, and they would yell or complaiin at the refs running back down the court.  There are many incidents we call all recall and think on, but I really feel that the two sports are losing it with all these bs suspensions and fines for saying the ump or ref was wrong and the call was bad and questionable. 

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