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Newcastle United's Joey Barton began his six month tenure behind bars today for a drunken attack. Barton who was under the heavy influence of alcohol (10 pints of lager and 5 bottles of lager was alleged to have punched a person 20 times and left a 16 year old with not teeth. Barton along with cousin Nadine Wilson and brother Andrew Barton were caught in this brutal attck on a cctv at 5 am in the morning on Dec 27th last year.

Bartons Heroics so far -
  • Feb 2004 - First red card
  • April 2004 - storms out of Eastlands after being dropped from the playing side *July 2004 - causes massive brawl in doncaster
  • Dec 2004- stubs a lit cigar into the eye of a young team mate and is heavily fined and suspended
  • May 2005 - hits a person with his car causing breakage of victims leg in liverpool
  • July 2005 - altercation with 15 year old everton fan (punishment & rehabilitation)
  • Sep 2006 - drops shorts in front of everton fans
  • Dec 2006 - second career red card, this time straight red for awful tackle
  • March 2007 - gets bail till may (accused of assault & criminal damage)
  • May 2007 - sends team mate Dabo to hospital following an altercation
  • Nov -Dec 2007 - marred with controversy
  • May 2008 - sentenced to 6 months jail

How can a person still be allowed onto a soccer field after all this.

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