A little late, I know.. but the masses need to be informed.

Red Sox starting pitcher Bartolo Colon, who’s been having a pretty impressive comeback season pitching-wise this year, has been placed on the 15 day DL due to a stiff back. While this normally wouldn’t be too big of a deal, Colon has actually admitted that the cause of his injury likely stems from his amazingly off target home run swings in Monday’s loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. From Yahoo! Sports :

“The 35-year-old admitted to injuring his back while executing a series of violently wild swings during two separate at-bats in the interleague matchup.”

Although I tried my best to get some pictures and/or video clips of the multiple swings, all of which were swung in the same area and on pitches that were miles outside the strike zone, I was not successful. Thankfully, I am a wizard in MS Paint. What follows is my representation of what Bartolo’s at bats were like:


Although it was honorable trying to hit one out of the park, I think Bartolo might benefit from getting a few pointers on having some patience and keeping his eye on the ball. Or at least a tutorial of the strike zone from the batters point of view.. any one of them would do him good.

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