Okay, let's face it. I am not a Don Wadell fan as a head coach. After the meltdown the defending Southeast Conference champs had against the Carolina Hurricanes (who used to be the Hartford Whalers), it's time for Blueland to find another leader and soon. I say that the mulleted one come soon and save Blueland!

Enter one Barry Melrose. Yes, that Barry Melrose of ESPN fame. He would bring some life into the Thrashers, who have all but given up the ghost. The Thrashers are not a bad team, they're just being misled by Wadell's cluelessness. While I am not advocating that Wadell leave the organization, I am pushing for his departure from the bench. He's a good hockey man, he's just not a good coach. For the Thrashers to not make this change would be sucide for the team and the organization, who recently hosted the NHL All Star Game.

There's too much talent going to waste in the Big Peach. So Barry, forget ESPN and come south.

And bring the mullet.

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