If you are informed sports fan such as I im sure you have heard of the numerous trade rumors of kobe bryant starting pitcher of the miami dolphins and sidney crosby starting right tackle for the seattle supersonics are very close to getting a deal done. Seattle has reported they are willing to trade sidney crosby and 2 other prospects to go with the deal to play for the miami dolphins. Bill parcells vp of the the atlanta hawks said this is a good trade and that it will benifit both teams. Now we no that about two years ago evan longoria (who is one of the prospects) was charged on rape and other prospect larry fitzgerald knowingly farts on the meals at his fathers restuarant. Though this is not iilegal it is nasty. kobe bryant says he promises with his new team he will shoot the ball more often (something that was a problem in miami).


In other news randy moss is an arsonist and miguel cabrera is anorexic

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