Okay so if unless you lived under a rock, or simply failed to pay your electric bill so you are hiding out in your dark house and unable to get a newpaper, you heard about Tyson Gay, America's new secret weapon and the guy that was supposed to dominate the track and field events in the Olympics. However due to an injury he was unable to compete in the Olympic trials Sunday, thus disqualifying him from participating in the 200m in Beijing. In his absence, Walter Dik, Shawn Crawford and this other guy that got a lucky start will be representing the country. While Dik and Crawford are exceptional runners, I have my doubts that they will bring home the gold medal.

As for Gay, who sortakindabutnotreally set a world record will be allowed to participate in the 100m but not the 200m and I think that that is ridiculous. Unlike other sports where there is basically a tournament to determine a champion, deciding who goes to Beijing should be simple. You send the best. If there was a football event, who you think would be better off representing us, the New England Patriots, the best team over the course of the season or the New York Giants, the "champions". All angry biases aside, this is the Olympics the best of the best and how can you not let the best runner run.

The whole world will be sending their bests out to Beijing while we'll be sending out the best runners as of July 6, 2008. The trials are supposed to determine who is the best we have to offer as a country but instead it has become more of a playoff system, all you have to do is win one trial and off to Beijing you go and sure you might carry that momentum and pull an upset or you can return to that above average runner who dove over the finish line to punch her ticket (yes you Marshavet Hooker). This is America, we're morbidly obese, in huge financial hardship and suck in soccer, winning the most medals is all we have to look forward to sticking it to the world.

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