There are plenty of superstars out there that are, as we, sports fans call it "Washed up". Here's the best of the best in the NFL.



Trent Green- Ever since he suffered a concussion at the begining of last year, Green hasn't been the same QB. He is aging, and is alot less mobile (not that he ever was mobile). Plus, Green is alot more injury-prone than in his younger days. I don't think Green will start another game, in Miami anyway.

Donovan McNabb- McNabb's efficiency has declined ever since his Super Bowl appearance back in '04. Some say the Madden curse got to him, but I think he's just been getting older. McNabb has suffered too many injuries in his career, and I believe they are finally getting to him. If I was him, I would get the hell out of Philly, and maybe go somewhere that has a shot at a Division title (at least), and has some talent. Like, let's see, Chicago.

Steve McNair- Like McNabb, McNair is past his prime, and is too injury-prone. McNair is too inconsistent, and it seemed as if he couldn't even hold onto the ball. Some say it's the team (Baltimore), but I think he's just washed up.

Trent Dilfer- Trent's still in the NFL??? Really? Yes, really, he is. Dilfer started a few games in San Fran this year, in place of the injured Alex Smith (who was SUPPOSED to be their franchise QB...HA, yeah right). Dilfer throws too many INT's, and just isn't worth a shit anymore (actually, he never really was an elite QB in the NFL, he had a good supporting cast nearly everywhere he went, lucky him).

Byron Leftwich- One could argue that Leftwich was never a very great QB, and was injured all the time. But, it has gotten worse over the last year or two, so, therefore, he belongs on the list.

On the edge:

Brett Favre- Favre can't be superman forever, Favre's age will eventually catch up to him.

Joey Harrington- Never was an elite QB, and he is actually past his better days, unfortunately (for him).

Kurt Warner- Matt Leinart will soon take over, and Warner will be thrown out the door eventually.


Warrick Dunn- I haven't heard many good things from Dunn in a few years, and Atlanta no longer needs him. This year, Dunn averaged just 3.2 YPC, and ran for a total of 720 Yards. He DID play all 16 games, but it seemed as though he was worn out. Dunn won't be in Atlanta too much longer. Atlanta should trade him, I still think he could be used in a trade to get some talent, which Atlanta desperately needs.

On the edge:

Shaun Alexander- Shaun should probably be on the washed up list, but who knows, maybe he'll have a big year next year (I highly doubt that, though). But, I'm gonna give Shaun one more year to prove he doesn't belong on the list.

Jamal Lewis- Lewis may have had a pretty good season, but his carries will decline in the next year or two, along with his age. I don't really have any reason to believe that Lewis will have another 1,000+ yard season. His body has been banged up, and he will eventually turn out to be a Jerome Bettis, and only be used for short-yardage situations, especially if Cleveland brings in a younger RB in the near future.


Muhsin Muhammad- The 34-year old Muhsin, hasn't had a 1,000 yard season since 2004, and caught just 40 balls for 570 yards, and 3 TD's this year. Part of the reason for that is lack of QB out in Chicago, the other reason is age, he is WAY past his days in Carolina.

Joe Horn- Horn is past his days (just like everyone else on this list), he caught just 27 balls for 243 Yards, and a TD down in Atlanta. The last time Horn had a 1,000 yard season was back in 2004. Horn also missed 4 games this year, due to injury, and back in 2004 was also the last time he played the entire 16 games.

On the edge:

Derrick Mason- Mason has been overlooked the past year, or two, mainly because he has been replaced by younger, and quicker wideouts.

Hines Ward- Ward has only been thrown to on 3rd down, most of the time now. Unfortunately, Ward's poduction has, and will continue to decline in 2008, and 2009.

Marvin Harrison- After missing about 80-85% of this season, Harrison has proved that it gets harder, and harder to recover from injuries. I really believe that Harrison's career is all downhill from here on out.


Tony Gonzalez- Lack of a decent QB means less catches for TG, and he isn't getting any younger out there. But, I don't expect TG's productivity to decrease for another year, maybe two.

Offensive Line

Orlando Pace- Pace, like many veterans has suffered from many injuries in the past few years. Pace, despite his size, hasn't made much of an impact for St. Louis in the past year or two, and I don't expect him to ever again.

Jonathan Ogden- Ogden has had foot troubles, and he is too old. Odgen is way too overrated, and shouldn't be a Pro Bowler.

Larry Allen- Allen's situation is just like Pace's, and Ogden's, he is too old, and has not made an impact in a few years. Allen is the strongest man in the NFL (...and the biggest, too), which means he doesn't have any speed (even though he doesn't need speed), and it takes twice as long to recover from injuries.


Defensive Line

Jevon Kearse- "The Freak" has been fighting injuries as well, missing 2 games in 2007, and 14 in '06.

Simeon Rice- Rice was a great D end when with TB when they won the Super Bowl, but now he's without a team, and he isn't quite as dominate as he was in his days with Tampa.


Zach Thomas- The NFL's best tackler has missed some games this year, 11 to be exact, and after 12 years in the League, looks as f he's slowing up, just a little.

Takeo Spikes- Takeo hasn't been the same player as he was back in Buffalo. Takeo hasn't made an impact with Philly, yet, but during his days in Buffalo was a Pro Bowl LBer. It could have been his age, or it could have been his surroundings. But, either way, Takeo is washed up.

On the edge:

Ray Lewis- Lewis has lost his explosivness, and isn't quite as durable, and intimidating as he was in his prime. Lewis has had to fight injuries, like Thomas, and I think Lewis' career is all downhill from here on out.

Junior Seau- Seau went to NE so he could be on a winning team, and I think if the Pats win the Super Bowl, he'll retire. His goal was to get a ring, and if they get him a ring, I think he'll decide to call it quits. If he decides keep playing, I think his days in the NFL are numbered.


John Lynch- Lynch is only good for making big hits, Lynch was never really a coverage DB, he always went for the big hit. Lynch has lost his speed over the years, and that's one of the more important qualities that DB's need.

Ty Law- Back in his days in New England Law was a fantastic Corner, but ever since he left NE, he never really made a very big impact. Law's days are numbered.

Chris McAlister- It seems as though McAlister has been replaced in Baltimore by a few younger DB's, it looks like the guys in Baltimore know that McAlister is on the downfall, which he is.

Special Teams:

K- David Akers

P- Todd Sauerbrun

KR/PR- Dante Hall

Go ahead and critisize the team I picked if you want, and if you have anyone to add, you can go ahead of leave it in a comment.

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