That is right, Arthur Blank is tired of being ridiculed and demoralized so he has decided that it is time to give IQ tests to potential candidates.

One word: Wow.

So far, no one has lived up to the expectations of the jilted Blank, hence the absence of a replacement for Bobby (Benedict) Petrino.

If you were unaware, Petrino left the team with 3 games left in the season to take a Head Coaching job with the Arkansas Razorbacks. If that wasn’t enough, he failed to do a face-to-face with the team, but instead left a “Dear John” letter in the locker room.

According to players, this was par for the course with Petrino.


A weasel and a falcon

After the season came to a miserable 4-12 end, the Falcons fired their General Manager, Rich McKay. Rumors are that he has been offered the job of Team President but nothing has been determined.

So the Falcons continue to look; which may be tough now that they have been spurned by Bill Parcells and Michael Vick is in prison. This doesn’t give the franchise the “new car smell” that a lot of potential candidates would like.

And to add to the difficult nature of getting someone to take over the failing franchise, they are giving people IQ tests, which are probably comparable to the Wonderlic Test that potential draftees need to take.

Some think that this is a bad move by the Falcons and the tormented Blank, but I believe that this is a good idea. Why, you ask. Wait, it is coming.

Blank has been hurt. He has been hurt much like the woman who finds out that her boyfriend of two-years is sleeping with her sister. He has been hurt much like the parent who puts all of their effort into raising a child and the child ends up being a mass-murderer. (My apologies to anyone with these afflictions)

When someone is hurt like this by someone they trusted they want to make certain that it won’t happen again. They can check references, do background checks and even hire a private eye, but an IQ test will give more information on this new person.

These tests consist of information that can assist the tester in making predictions of future happenings based on their past and their knowledge set.

Now is reporting that Pete Carroll may be interested in leaving USC for the Falcons.

Will he need the IQ test? Or will the National Championships speak for themselves?

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