At Afraid of Ed Hochuli  we like to do a weekly article where we deconstruct someone in the world of sports (usually an athlete) and discuss why they are just like us.

I am bringing it to the masses at Armchair for the first time with my Hall of Fame Edition.

The Basketball Hall of Fame has announced it's inductees, and in honor of that I give you:

Dick Vitale

Vitale has done DiGiorno Pizza Commercials, using his catch phrase "Yeah, Baby!" to show his love of the pizza.
This cat just likes the crust but enjoys it enough to say his catchphrase: "Meow, Meow Meow."
Cat pizza

Dickie V. is found, quite often, mingling in the student sections at the College Basketball games he calls. Here we see him celebrating Christmas with some rowdy fans.
P1 vitale
This guy was also celebrating Christmas with rowdy fans...but his night didn't end up like Vitale's.
Drunk santa

Double dates with Dick and his wife are wonderful affairs.
But these kids also go on fun double dates...and look! They like pizza, too!!
Double date

Here we see Dick showing off his ball handling skills.
Which, really, can be taught to anyone.
Basketball elephant

Some people are afraid of Vitale...
especially when he bears such a close resemblance to the thing that hides in your closet.
Family-guy evil-monkey staris

Every now and then you can catch him crowd surfing with his favorite fans.
But, come on, every band on every continent knows how to stage a good crowd surf.
Crowd surfing

Don't ever say that Dick doesn't know how to dress,
because bow ties are totally in right now.
Bow tie norman

Last but not least, we see one of Dick's wonderful Glamour Shots.
Dickie thumb
He got it taken at a very reputable photographer. One who has done the likes of this lovely J. Lo. impersonator.

There you have it, Dick Vitale being just like us.

If you like it, Armchair, let me know and I will continue to post these here..

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