Sad Favre
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"This is a date which will live forever in infamy" - FDR

No I'm not suggesting that the news that Favre wants an unconditional release from the Packers is tantamount to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor during WWII, but the shock factor (though again not on the same level) is still there. This is going to be a "what were you doing when you heard" kind of story 20 - 30 years from now.

I'm not going to spend any time speculating about whether or not the Pack will take him back or release him or whether Favre would still return to the Pack because this is now officially at the point where it will end badly no matter what happens . . . for everyone.

If they put him back on the roster it ends badly with Favre as a backup (obviously something he doesn't want to do) and maybe even becoming a bit of a locker room cancer(?) and Rodgers constantly looking over his shoulder feeling like he has to be perfect or the front office will cave to the fans and put Favre back in. If they release him the sight of Favre in any other uniform may be initially traumatic for many fans (and Favre won't do as well with another team). Really if they bring him back at all they lose Rodgers, mentally (after being yanked around like a yo-yo) and physically when his contract is up next year. And it ends badly for the fans who will always have a funny little unsatisfied aftertaste when discussing Favre's Packer career. His 'legacy' as the ultimate team player surely is tainted.

I had a feeling, an inkling, a stirring of the hairs on the back of my neck; something told me something like this would happen. I mean this whole thing practically begs for a Simmons style analogy. Ok, ok it's like the tail end of a long standing relationship. You both know it's coming to an end, but neither of you wants to pull the trigger so you go thru the motions. It's so far gone that you've begun searching for 'new talent'. So you get ballsy and say "look what's the deal? Are we together or not?" She says "you know what? No we aren't". Which is fine by you because you are starting to warm up to a particular prospective replacement. So you began the process of moving on. But all this while your now ex has been sending little signals that she wants to get back with you, signals you ignored. So now she's moving on, but suddenly you don't know how to handle that. You remember what you had, but also remember that what you had is gone. It's different now. And you already kind of committed to someone else who you don't want to hurt. The ultimate question becomes do I stay in the here and now, which is rapidly becoming the past, or keep moving towards the future.

It's now the question that not only Packers management must answer but that each individual Packer fan will have to ask themselves when they decide how their fandome will be affected by this. What kind of spin will be put on the story of Favre's last days as a Packer when it is related to children and grandchildren? Legendary but aging QB who knew he still had it but just needed a chance to prove it or the overrated, overhyped 'master manipulator' with an over inflated ego still trying to be a gunslinger? Beleagured front office that got bullied into releasing an ego tripping Favre or will this cement forever the perception of TT as the worst GM in franchise history for forcing out the franchise's best player ever while he was still in his prime.

For the best break down of how this all came about check out the JS Blog or any of the excellent Packer bloggers like Railbird Central, Packergeeks, Acme Packing Co., Cheesehead TV, and Brats and Beer to name a few.

I'm done with this except for to add one more point. Brett has always made it a point these last couple of years to emphasize how much he values honesty and being true to himself and the team and the fans when broached with retirement questions. Not once during this whole thing (even now that he has asked for a release) has he publicly addressed the fans he claims to respect so much.

Now, fans who were offended about Rodgers comments in the SI article about getting behind him or shutting up, can you feel him?

Oh and Ryan Grant says he expects to sign soon.

(Sorry if the title of this post misled you, but c'mon I am the Wisconsin Sports Wank guy)

Brewers. B-

Crew is currently in 2nd place in the NL Central, 7-3 in the last 10. Ahh that's it. Perhaps Brett felt upstaged by the Brewers acquisition of CC Sabaithia this week. The Crew is officially in the 'post-season push mode', giving away what was a part of their future to pick up the 6'7" Cy Young winner.

It does feel good to finally see the Brewers playing, dealing, and acting like pennant contenders for once instead of just hoping for a record over .500. But are they going all in too soon?

Like I said in my last wank this deal and the outcome of it (make the playoffs or not, deep run or not?) sets the tone for how the Brewers will look not only this year but for the next several. If we do another job like last year and don't even make the playoffs and then lose Sheets and Sabaithia it could turn into a domino effect where the team's talent level and quality of prospects take a serious digger. If we can manage to make a deep run the same effect might turn this team into one of the better run organizations in MLB for a long time. It can be nervewracking to look at it like that, but also exciting. The Brewers have played for a long time in the MLB without ever being an actual player when it comes to pennants. It's nice to have something on the line for once.

Brewers will regret trading LaPorta though, especially if nothing comes of this season. He and Gamel were the immediate insurance if we lost any of our core guys whose contracts will be up in the next couple of seasons. Sure if Sheets and Sabaithia walk the compensatory draft picks will be nice. But a couple of well developed birds in the hand are worth more in my opinion.

Congratulations to our All-Star representatives Ben Sheets (could start), Ryan Braun (a top vote getter), and Corey Hart voted in online (I placed my share).

And could the Crew be looking to add a little more bullpen help? BrewTownBeat speculated on the possibility of . . . Greg Maddux.


Now that buzz over the draft has died down it's time to start getting an idea of what these guys can do. The Las Vegas Summer Leauge started play today and BrewHoop gave us an early look at the Bucks roster. One of the names that intrigues is Darius Washington Jr., remember him? He was the highly touted Memphis point guard befor Derrick Rose, but got a bad rap for missing game winning free throws. Always thought it was a f'ed up how he didn't even get drafted. Perhaps he can showcase some improvement in his game.

Bogut got the extension he wanted. He should feel pretty secure now about his status in Milwaukee and his place in the leauge and show some more of that marked improvement from last season. At least with his known aversion to conspicuous consumption and the 'typical' NBA lifestyle we know 5 years at $60 million won't go to his head.

Bucks took a cue from the Brewers and didn't screw around about signing their picks (it also helps when you only have two instead of fifty-something). Mbah a Moute and Alexander are inked and will be participating in the summer league. I'm now ready to begin fielding observations on Alexander's "freaky athleticism and tremedous upside potential". And were you aware that Mbah a Moute is an actual African prince?

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