Come on you have to be kidding me. According to a Boston Globe columnist (I have yet to see it any where else) Plaxico Burress predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl. He said that the Giants would be victorious. He even predicted a score! 23-17 he said it would be. This guy must want to give the Patriots bulletin board material. Hey remember Anthony Smith, I know that Burress is much more of a star than Smith but come on, you're allowed to have faith in your team but that is just crossing the line.

Even head coach Tom Coughlin said so. As he shook his head and said “We have had a good theme all year and it hasn’t been that. We do our talking on the field.”

I don’t think this was such a smart idea, but I guess at media day this type of stuff happens all of the time but why would you do it against the Patriots? I guess we will have to see what happens on Sunday.

Here is the link

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