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If so, it is a total disgrace.

The Tampa Bay Rays are in only their 10th year existence and have pulled off a "worst-to-first" story that rivals the 1969 New York Mets!  Their whole payroll is probably what Alex Rodriguez gets when he scratches his a**.  As this is being written, it is the 10th inning of an 8-8 tie with the Red Sox for a chance to head to Boston with a 1-1 split.  Yet there seems to be a sizable sliver of empty blue seats in the upper reaches of the stadium.  It comes into view whenever the on-field camera shows a wide view.

Where are all the fans?

Granted, the Tropicana dome is a weird place to watch a baseball game and it is in a difficult-to-get-to part of St Petersburg.  But it's not like there are THAT many other things to do in Tampa/St Petersburg.  Plus they have the Orlando and even Jacksonville area to draw on.

A team that has pulled off what the Rays have accomplished deserves better!

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