The Los Angeles Angels got a win in game 3. It may have taken a few extra innings, but the Angels did win the game.

Now getting ready to play game four the Red Sox have some burning questions.

Can Jon Lester close the door?
He should be able to. He came up big in game 4 of the World Series last year and had huge game 1 in the ALDS. But the biggest thing for the Sox tonight is innings. They burnt through arms in the bullpen in game 3 and need at least 7 hopefully 8 from Lester tonight.

Will J.D. Drew play?
This is a tough one. He pinch-hit last night and having a lefty starter probably helped Terry Francona's decision to sit him for game 3. But tonight, John Lackey is on the mound and Drew looked to swing okay last night, except he struck out. I expect that he will play through the injury.

Will Mike Lowell play?
This one is not as tough. To paraphrase Tony Massarotti, it was painful just to watch him last night. Every time he needed to run, it looked painful. I thought he was going to be taken out much earlier than he was. Lowell will probably be on the bench tonight, with either Sean Casey or Mark Kotsay getting the start.

Why is Dustin Pedroia struggling?
Who knows? It is a long season and sometimes people begin to get warn down. We saw it with Dice-K and Hideki Okajima last season. The potential for him to break out of the slump in any at-bat is there. Let's hope he comes alive tonight.

Will Lackey repeat his Fenway performance?
Earlier in the season, John Lackey came oh so very close to tossing a no hitter at Fenway. Is it possible that he repeats this performance? Judging by game 1 and his September starts, I would say no. He has not looked like himself and hopefully the Sox will keep him looking like a small game pitcher.

Who wins?
I think it all comes down to the starters here. Neither manager wants to walk out to the mound with the hook before the 7th or maybe even the 8th tonight, after last night's game killed the bullpens. Both teams have good lineups and can be dangerous.

Lester is turning himself into a big game pitcher, and Lackey is not a big game pitcher. I think the Sox wrap this one up tonight.

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