Okay, so I get Allen is one of the biggest names to be on the moved in this off-season in the NFL…And rightful so! What he’s done over the past few seasons with the Chiefs speaks for itself, thus Vikings fans should be creaming in their Fruit of the Looms or Hanes, (whichever floats your boat…just make sure it’s not the Love Boat on a lake up there! Sorry, had to get that jab in) in bunch. Speaking of the Love Boat…Is it just purely ironic that Allen wears the number 69 and is going to a team that created the whole BOATGATE thing a few years ago? Perhaps I’m reaching, but check out this Minnesota Meteorologist clown who just can’t wait to see Allen suit up in a purple and gold 69…


That’s right, in Minneapolis peeps don’t tune into to see whether or not a cold front is approaching…Or how many inches of snow are going to bury their sorry asses, oh no! They tune into Chris Shaffer’s "omens", takes on the "Williams Wall," but most importantly oh yeah, "69" stands for sex! That’s right, if anybody was unaware of this, well it’s a good thing Shaffer on the air then! See, I knew one had to be smart to become a weather dude…And by dude, I do mean an ingrown butthair in this instance!

How awesome is hearing the local weather guy explaining the correlation between the number "69" and the best type of workout there is on air, in the midst of his seven day forecast, brought to you by Trojans! That’s a classic!

Almost makes me want to move to Minnesota to listen to this cat!

Who will be the next Draft Day DoucheBag? Pick’em Poll wants your vote in deciding this difficult dilemma…Will it be one of the two Longs, Run DMC, Matt Ryan, or Glenn Dorsey? Come peeps, vote…You’ll be glad you did! And besides, it’s go practice for the upcoming Presidential Election damn it!

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