So here it is the end of June, the NBA Finals are over, same goes for the Stanley Cup coverage, Tiger Woods knee surgery coverage has been exhausted…All that’s left is baseball to hold us over for a month until NFL teams begin to pitch their tents as camps open up. Although this is the time that media creates and makes news out of shit that really isn’t news at all and beats it like a dead horse. Speaking of which, so what if Big Brown forgot to tie his shoelaces or had a freaking pebble in his shoe! Yeah, we’ve all been there and done that…Doesn’t feel too good, but oh well, tough shit! Again, lets beat that story to death!

Hey, here’s a news flash…Shaq doesn’t like Kobe! Although, I’m not sure if the Big Fat Ass is on the same page as us? Yes, Shaq’s spit on the mic was newsworthy for I guess about 15 mins, but truth is, it has become a new catch phrase…Everybody want’s to know how peeps asses taste! And just wait, this media catch phrase creation will be showing up on t-shirts over on eBay ASAP…If they haven’t done so already? Gotta strike when the iron’s hot, I know!

And can we lay off Don Imus…I mean, my God! It’s not like everybody hasn’t had that same thought that he decided to spit on his mic a time or two…Come on! We all know that we’ve had that exact same thought, it’s just he decided to put his stones on the table and say what everybody has thought! And if you try to tell yourself that that particular thought hasn’t entered your head, well just maybe Pacman, (oh excuse me, Adam) will pray for your lying ass too!

It’s funny, Shaq can spit the shit he did and dumbasses think it’s funny, but when Imus spits into his mic, it’s like "Oh Hell No!" "No, he didn’t!" Whatever the case may be, the reality is that we’ll have to listen to both of these stories and the fall out from them for what I’m going to guess is sometime until next week…Since this time of year, the Dog Days of Summer are equivalent to the "Dead Period" for recruiting. Yes Kelvin Sampson, this means your ass too…Put the secret phone down and wash off those texting fingers!

I got a question. How many days until the pigskins start flying again? Oh shit, wait, I posed that question about 10 days or so ago…So I’m guessing we have about 10 or so days less from when I first asked the question, huh? I’ll go out on a limb here and say, we want our football more than we want a Playboy Playmate in bed, (of course depending on the month).

So I like so many who have been diagnosed before me am suffering from Summertime Sports Depression…The outbreak of this disease usually occurs around mid-June and can last up until mid-July. Although I’ve taken it upon myself to help find a cure for this summertime outbreak…And honestly, I believe I’m on the right track of doing so!

It’s starts by trying to get all the juices flowing again in the body, minus a certain lovely lady dubbed Candy who just took off her candy striper for you. Might I suggest running through a brick wall. And let me tell you, if this doesn’t get the juices flowing and want to make you run through a freaking brick wall, well, you need to check yourself as a sports fan!

[1] Now, lets see if your ass is breathing… [2] Couldn’t have said it better myself… In the words of Judge Mills Lane…Can we just get it on already! Cast a vote in the newest Pick’em Poll which asks if you "Need Nine Innings Which Aching Arm" would you want on the mound?

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