Two fools in Appleton, Wisconsin (20 miles from Green Bay) have stated that they want the street "Mike Holmgren Way" changed. They have started something on their morning show which airs on 105.7 WAPL where they are trying to take the name down.

They supposedly had a poll of listeners and they listed new names such as:

- Traitor Trail

- Benedict Arnold Boulevard

- Holmgren Go-A-Way

- If I Can’t Be GM, I’m Going to Take My Ball and Go Home Highway

And the always classy

- Walrus Face Way  

Now, I can understand that you don't want your ex-coach/visiting coach to come in to town and have extra motivation. What I have a problem with is their description of why.   Rick and Len (or whatever their names are) equated it to when the Nazis entered Paris: 'What if it had been named 'Hitler Avenue’?


This is a pictured from their website

I was stunned…HITLER!?!? How does a playoff game including your ex-head coach, who took your team to two Superbowls – and then moved on like most coaches do – compare to the terrible devastation that took place in Europe under one of the most evil men of all time?

We have people like Kelly Tilghman who say something stupid and get suspended, and then these guys say this. They NEED to be benched. Tilghman said something that – I do not condone – offended the Black community. These guys said something that probably offended the Jewish community.

I don’t normally do this…and I am not Jewish, but I am heavily offended. I am calling RIGHT now for the suspension of Rick and Len.

If you agree, please contact:

General Manager: Greg Bell  

Program Director: from WAPL Website Joe Calgaro

Business Office Phone: (920) 734-9226

Business Office Fax: (920) 739-0494

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