"The Stream of Consciousness is the process of the chain of thoughts that occur in one's head.  Simply put, the thought of one thing in the mind leads to the next thought and the next through association.  It is how the thoughts flow.  It is how you can go from thinking about baseball to wondering if the stove is turned off at home.  It is that stream that flows..."

Monday's English class consisted of a test.  The area of breaking down poetry is, well, not my strongest area.  There were some little jokes and other stupid stuff that would pass through the mind.  Without the ability to jot down some notes, the memory could not translate enough content to create an article.  Therefore, after skipping out on Monday, here are the notes from the thoughts of the falcon during English 102...

"The section on poetry came to end with that stupid test on Monday.  Probably failed. This class is killing the GPA.  Hopefully this next section will help get the grades back over the top...

"And our next section is on... come'on, just say what is next. Stop talking about the facking test, IT'S OVER WITH!!! Here we go, we are moving onto... drama. Great, this will be soooo much fun.  Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides... famous Greek tragedians. You want to know what is a real tragedy? The Detroit Tigers...

1207948310 Ryan Raburn Misses
"Given it is still early in the season, they will undoubtedly turn these early misfortunes into wins, but it is still intriguing how they suck right now.  No sane person could have predicted this type of start; the worst record in the bigs after ten games.  Then again, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise...

"The pitching staff isn't that great.  Dontrelle Willis has fallen off the face of the earth these last two seasons.  Verlander got roughed up in his first start this year. And, with Zumaya and Rodney not playing, the bull-pen loses much needed talent.  Man, Zumaya used to throw hard.  Will he regain his form?

00000AAAA Jennifer walcott bikini 2 big-1-

Don't forget to vote for the 2008 Hottest Sports Wife.

"Pitchers... geez. They have become so fragile. One hundred years ago there were three and four man rotations. Today, because pitchers can't seem to pitch a large amount of innings, most teams use a five man rotation (interesting).  If Japanese baseball is any indicator, the baseball is on its way to six man rotations and beyond.  Not a bad idea if starting pitchers are struggling to throw over two hundred innings each season.  Given that many pitchers do cross this mark every year, not all of them do it consistently.  Erik Bedard is regarded amongst the top ten pitchers in the league.  In his four years of starting, he has yet to crack the two hundred inning plateau.  What gives?  Pitchers used to be able to throw well over three hundred innings each season, when why did this change?"

A vibration in the left pocket disrupts the train of thought.  After answering a text from Marissa, it may be worth paying attention to class some more. The teacher is still talking about drama.  Looking around the room, it is obvious that nobody cares.  So boring, oh so very boring...

"Some more drama... the AGM fantasy basketball league has been dramatic.  It is playoff time.  Only a 5th seed, but having the hottest team in the league thought that my team would challenge for the title.  Near the bottom of the league with only ten weeks left, the team was miserable. (Record after the first eleven weeks was 42-56 (.428)). The team rebounded and became the hottest team in the league the second half of the year (with a record of 61-29 (.677)).  Finishing out the fantasy regular season strong (103-85), the first round of the playoffs was a breeze...

"Taking down the forth seed Gangstas, it was on to face number one seeded Starr Studded.  The way my guys have been playing, it should have been a victory.  Should being the key word.  A loss sends falcon02520 into a consolation game against the Detroit Pistols.  Probably losing that one too... Frustrating to say the least..."

In a whisper from the girl the seat beside, "Hey, open your book."  During a lean over to see the page number and a quick fumbling through the pages... I am again gone...

Alexander Ovechkin.bmp
"What was I just thinking about? Oh, basketball.  The 76ers (home town team) made the playoffs.  Shocking after the start to the season... very shocking.  They aren't the only team from the City of Brotherly Love to make it either.  The Philadelphia Flyers squeezed into a sixth seed. Bring on the Crapitals baby.  They barely (barely because they obviously have earned it, especially Alexander Ovechkin, but overall don't measure up to some of the other teams in the league) deserve to be in playoffs anyway.  Playing them makes the Flyers seem like they have the first seed if only for the first round.

Richards mike getty 400
"Seriously though, this will be a good series.  The Flyers better show up to play though because Ovechkin undoubtedly will be ready.  Most important stat learned of the day:
Philadelphia Flyers (3rd in the league in penalty minutes)
+ Alexander Ovechkin (1st in the league in power play goals)
Trouble (1st cause in losing games)

"Tonight is Game 1. It is going to be great. Gotta love the playoffs... on ice."

Today's Lesson: Drama = Playoffs

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