A young, usually broken point guard for an old, permanently broken power forward? Thanks, but no thanks. The Indiana Pacers are allegedly in discussion with the Toronto Raptors to ship their six-time All-Star and franchise player, Jermaine O'Neal out of Indy for the decidedly underwhelming T.J. Ford. Ford, a slightly above average floor general when he's not injured, has more than likely lost his starting spot to Jose Calderon and has also been mentioned in a possible swap with the Suns for Boris Diaw. The Pacers have already suffered through one point guard who shows flashes of semi-greatness but spends more time on the trainer's table than on the court. The last thing they need is a reload of Jamaal Tinsley. Why not look closer for trade options? The neighboring Chicago Bulls are in desperate need of a scoring big man and veteran leadership. They have more undersized guards than Amy Winehouse has scabies and are about to draft another one with the first pick in the draft. Kirk Hinrich has a similarly cumbersome contract to O'Neal's and is much less likely than Ford to be walking on plastic ankles by age thirty. The Pacers also have the option of taking D.J. Augustin with the 11th pick in the draft, but acquiring a point guard through a trade would free them up to fill another need... every position on the floor that can't be played by Danny Granger.

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