And You Thought A-Rod Was Paid Too Much

All you ever hear regarding salaries goes something like this, "Player's are sooo overpaid these days!". That is true, the salaries of some players (ehem A-Rod) can be rather disheartening. However no one, or at least very few people talk about the exorbitant salary of these people. It's not the managers, scouts, team executives, or the cotton candy vendor that is overpaid, but rather the always impressive, Bud Selig. The man made an astounding 15.05 million dollars last year.

Well I did some research and found out that although Selig does make more than the other major sport commissioners, its not that much more. NFL commish Roger Goodell's annual salary is $11.2 million, and NBA commish David Stern makes around $10 mil; they're overpaid too.

Still MLB last year paid $85.1 million to its 236 employees. Perhaps that money could go some place else besides the pockets of people whose job it is to ignore steroids and schedule games at inconvenient hours in Japan.

Let the players make as much money as they can; they're the ones putting their bodies at risk on the field every day. I'd rather see them make millions of dollars than Bud Selig.

Just for fun I typed Bud Selig's name into an anagram generator just to find out if there are any clever re-letterings of his name. Unfortunately the best 3 were: Digs Lube, Bugs Lied, and Big Duels. Nothing too insightful, unless he digs lube in which case I'm a genius.

The contracts of every baseball player and executive can be conveniently found at Cot's Baseball Contracts. Cheers!


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