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And The Award For Dumb Move Of The Day Goes To

Jesse Taylor!

If your first question is “Who?” you obviously don’t watch the Ultimate Fighter.

The Ultimate Fighter is the UFC version of American Idol. Jesse Taylor was a contestant on the show. He had made it to the finals by winning four fights during the course of the show.

Now the finals are live while the rest of the show is taped (think Survivor.) All Jesse had to do was go home, train hard and prepare himself to fight for a UFC contract.

Only two obstacles stood in his way; Injury and Stupidity.

Guess what route he chose.

Jesse decided to stay in Vegas an extra day after filming had ended to “celebrate” with a few fellow fighters. Apparently Jesse’s idea of a celebration involves; renting a limo and kicking out the window, “terrorizing” (Dana White’s words not mine) female patrons at a bar, resisting an attempt by security to calm him down aw while screaming “Do you know who I am? I’m a UFC fighter.”

Well he’s not an Ultimate Fighter and now he never will be. For the first time in Seven Seasons someone was kicked off the Ultimate Fighter after the show.

The UFC gets a bad rap because of people like Jesse Taylor. And I can’t agree more with Dana White’s decision to remove him from the finals.

I have trained with too many fighters who would drop everything, in an instant,just to get a chance to make it in the fight game. All that blood, sweat and tears and you piss it away in an instant.

Now besides that drama, the meat of this weeks Ultimate Fighter featured two absolute awesome fights.

C.B Dalloway Vs. Amir Sadollah was absolutely awesome. Amir has incredibly crisp strikes and the heart of a champion. He is the very definition of everything that makes this sport great. After getting pounded for ten minutes, in a page from the David and Goliath play book, Amir caught the bigger stronger C.B Dollaway in an arm bar.

After Jesse’s debacle Dana brought back CB and Time Cedur, the two other semi-finalists, for one last fight.

The fight was very back and forth. Tim almost knocked out CB in the first and CB almost finished Tim in the second round. In the end CB’s wrestling was the difference and he won a closely contested fight via unanimous decision. So in the end we have CB vs. Amir the sequel, live June 21th on Spike T.V. from the Palms Casino Resort in beautiful Las Vegas.

Who do you give the edge to? It’s tough to say. Amir will be the underdog, strange considering that he just beat the guy he’s fighting in the finale. Anything can happen, as we’ve seen, but I like CB in this one. I think his wrestling base is just too strong.

I can tell you one thing, I’ll be right in front of my T.V. watching (and live Blogging!)

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