I for one have read enough depressing Superbowl I'm moving on...This convo features University of North Carolina sensation Tyler Hansborough and ESPN color commentator Dick(rider) Vitale baby!

Dickie&JJ4Ever: YOU READY TO LOSE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhiteMenCANJump: oh no not you again


WhiteMenCANJump: Attention to the douche with the annoying voice; your caps lock light is on

Dickie&JJ4Ever: ooooh what a knee slapper you are, its going to be funny when you get put in ya place tonight Duke is #1 baby!

WhiteMenCANJump: Yea yea, what do you want and how did you get my screenname?

Dickie&JJ4Ever: I got it off your MySpace Baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Well what do you want

Dickie&JJ4Ever: I just wanted you to know that you suck and Duke is great and umm you suck baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Is that all, should you be recovering or something

Dickie&JJ4Ever: I'm 100% Baby so I'll be right at the desk telling America your the reason UNC won't win

WhiteMenCANJump: And America will be telling themselves you're the reason they watch the game on mute

Dickie&JJ4Ever: They put it on mute so they can't hear you moan like a woman on the way to the basket, you shi++y diaper dandy

WhiteMenCANJump: And how much longer before you start wearing them

Dickie&JJ4Ever: Well when you were in them I was a legend baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Okay 50 bucks says you can't go 5 minutes without saying baby AND I won't play

Dickie&JJ4Ever: Your on baby

Dickie&JJ4Ever: damnit, double or nothing baby

Dickie&JJ4Ever: damnit well you can play 40 minutes and still lose

WhiteMenCANJump: its okay Duke will be relevant one day, when I'm in the NBA

Dickie&JJ4Ever: and when you go you'll be a bigger bust than Pam Anderson baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Okay who told you that joke

Dickie&JJ4Ever: The writers picketing outside baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Typical, he's a bust just like your main man J.J.

WhiteMenCANJump: What is he averaging 1.6 points a game

Dickie&JJ4Ever: You could never be JJ, he's the great white hope, this millennium's Larry Bird, the greatest shooter of all time, show respect baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Does he pay you to jock him like that?

Dickie&JJ4Ever: No, I speak from the heart baby

WhiteMenCANJump: Coughcoughgaycoughcough

Dickie&JJ4Ever: Alright I tried being nice to you...the gloves are off and there in a drawer and the desk is in a storage and the storage has been set on fire

WhiteMenCANJump: WTF

Dickie&JJ4Ever: Now you listen to me Tyler, if you win this game there will be problems

WhiteMenCANJump: What are you going to do old head

Dickie&JJ4Ever: Oh I don't know ask your pal Ty Lawson....mwahahahahahaha good luck

Dickie&JJ4Ever has signed off

WhiteMenCANJump: Like I'm supposed to believe that...

WhiteMenCANJump: umm....Dickie???

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