Tomorrow does not only mark the first day of the Eastern Conference Finals, and the day I take summer break from AGM but it's also the day of the NBA Draft lottery, an event that which can either be the ultimate sign of redemption or the final kick to the stomach after a horrible season. It was a year ago I sat and watched the Celtics fall out of the top 3 and end up with a horrible draft pick, and suddenly I envisioned O.J. Mayo and Al Jefferson trying to become the new Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker, it was a scary thought. But yada yada yada a couple trades later, my team will be shown AFTER the lottery. Unfortunately for plenty of other teams, they aren't so lucky they'll be watching the lottery chanting Beasley Beasley Beasley as ESPN breaks down this horrifically flawed system. Here's a look at some of the teams hoping to get lucky with the ping pong balls


Regardless of who wins the lottery, Derrick Rose will be a Top 3 pick

Miami Heat (25% chance of winning lottery)- Its not everyday that a team wins a championship, keep your star player and yet two years later are the favorites to win the NBA draft lottery, but thats exactly whats happening in South Beach. With Shaquille O'Neal gone, the Heat may look to go big but there is no big man worthy of taking that high. The entire roster is expendable aside from Wade and if they don't land a top 3 pick they just might trade it. Trizz Thinks: Derrick Rose, Brook Lopez, Jerryd Bayless

Seattle Supersonics (19.9% chance of winning lottery)- They hit the jackpot last year by landing the #2 pick grabbing Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant and inadvertently missing out on Greg Oden. They would also acquire the 5th pick in the draft grabbing Hoyas standout Jeff Green and here they are in the race to grab another star college player forming a force in Seattle. With the whole Oklahoma City debacle, Sonics fans could use some good news. They may be thinking Michael Beasley but I dont see how him and Durant can co-exist shots wise. I think they need a point guard perhaps Durant's former teammate(and my personal favorite draftee) DJ Augustin.
Trizz Thinks: Derrick Rose, DJ Augustin, Michael Beasley


Could Augustin and Durant reunite in Seattle/Oklahoma City???

Minnesota Timberwolves (13.8 chance of winning lottery)- The Wolves have youth in just about every position so I think they should shop this pick but like the first two teams they desperately need a point guard(sorry Sebastian).
Trizz Thinks: Derrick Rose, DJ Augustin, Jerryd Bayless

Memphis Grizzlies (13.7 chance of winning lottery)- The Grizzlies once again find themselves likely to get a top 5 pick, this time it is without their star player, Pau Gasol. Unlike the others the Grizz have their point guard, former Buckeye Mike Conley. I think Brook Lopez should fit in perfectly, but with declining interest they will be tempted by the star power of a OJ Mayo or Mike Beasley.
Trizz Thinks: Mike Beasley, OJ Mayo, Brook Lopez

New York Knicks (7.6 chance of winning lottery)- Unless Stern pulls another fast one like in 1985, the Knicks can say goodbye to a top 3 pick but like the Grizz they might go with star power and Gordon, Mayo, or Beasley will be there. But they might trade the pick for Vince Carter...oh wait Isiah's gone. Yeah so I think a star.
Trizz Thinks: Mike Beasley, OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon


If the Celtics and Lakers can go from pretenders to contenders overnight, the Knicks just might get Michael Beasley

Los Angeles Clippers (7.5 chance of winning lottery)- If Livingston and Brand come back 100% the Clippers will be set at the 1 and 4, but knowing the Clips they might trade one or both of their marquee players and start brand new. So I see them rebuilding around someone like UCLA's Kevin Love. Despite being horribly overrated Love will be a top 10 pick and will be sitting there for the Clips on a silver platter. Of course if there is a player that slips they will bite on that
Trizz Thinks: Kevin Love, Eric Gordon, DJ Augustin


After a horrible season will the Clips blow up and start over

Milwaukee Bucks (4.3 chance of winning lottery)- Don't pay much attention to Milwaukee to know who they need but I do know Scott Skiles wants a point guard he can mold into a mini me. In a draft full of point guards he might wait until the second round and grab a Ty Lawson or Darren Collison but I think if teams are dumb and dont grab Augustin in the top 5, he's Milwaukee bound.
Trizz Thinks: DJ Augustin, Jerryd Bayless, Eric Gordon

Charlotte Bobcats (No chance in hell at winning lottery)- The Bobcats have continued to collect lottery picks, all of which just steal one another's minutes slightly improving each year. Maybe this is the year they say fack it and trade for some vets. They will likely take whats there which will be Kosta Koufos from Ohio State, but didn't they take Emeka Okafor a couple years ago wasn't he supposed to be the big man for the future, yeah I thought so to
Trizz Thinks: Kosta Koufos, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love

Chicago Bulls (No chance in hell at winning lottery)- Like the Bobcats they just can't stay away from Secaucus even when they MAKE the playoffs. They would be better off trying to draft a coach but they will take whoever Charlotte doesn't.
Trizz Thinks: Kosta Koufos, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love

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