Wow - after the April that the Phillies have had, I was really not sure they'd actually take over first place.

I figured - hey, the Mets are struggling...the Braves are stumbling. A golden opportunity, right? Win a few games and build a lead... Except for one thing. They kept failing to capitalize.

Losing four of six to the Mets didn't help. Ryan Howard looking lost at the plate didn't help. And I won't bore you with another rant about the LOB numbers...

Taking two from the Rockies was great. Small consolation for the playoffs last year, but still fun. Two of three from the Cubs, Astros and the sad sack Pirates helped. And now, two of three from San Diego, including one against Greg Maddux? Well done, Phils.

Add to this a three game Dodger sweep of the Marlins (how are they doing so well??), and you've got some happy long-suffering fans.

Fellow Phillies fans - I hope, like me, you will go ahead and enjoy this moment. It's May 1st and the Phillies lead the NL East. Yes, it's very early, and things could and probably will change dramatically by September. But for now, all is right in the world. And they don't play the Marlins until the end of May. Win a few games and build a lead...

Go Phils! Don't get cocky - a three-game set against the Giants is not something to take lightly. Now that the door has been opened, kick it in. All due respect and apologies to Bum Phillips.

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