Stokke now vaults for Cal.

Everybody remembers Allison Stokke, the former Southern California pole vaulter, who became disturbed when several of her pictures were floating around on the Internet last spring. Now, one year later, Stokke’s pictures are once again circulating on numerous blogs such as With Leather and Sports By Brooks. However, this time she is vaulting for the Cal Bears and appears to have packed on a few extra pounds.

Many of members of Stokke Nation are upset to see that she has added a a few more pounds to her thighs and waist, but as a pole vaulter, it was to be expected. In order to reach her goal of vaulting over fourteen feet, Stokke is going to need some extra-strong thighs. Consequently, she has probably done lots of wall squats and weight lifting to add muscle in that area. However, she also needs to keep her total weight down, if she is going to keep flying high enough to be competitive.

Personally I do not mind the “additional pounds” as long as her weight is somewhere between a long distance runner and a shotputter.

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