Alfred Jenkins played for the Atlanta Falcons for 9 years at 5'8" and 165lbs.He and I graduated for Hogansville High School in 1969. When we were in the 10 grade he could dunk a basket ball. His hands were not big enough to palm the ball so he had to wedge the ball between his hand and wrist. So he had to jump even higher to dunk the ball. In his senior year he broke the school record for most touchdowns in the first 3 games. I was sitting with Bubba Booker who had held the record untill that nite.Bubba class of 1961. Alfred started the first grade at 5 years old.That made him 16 that fall of 1968. No white university would give him a scolership.despite his blistering speed.When we graduated the football team went 9 and1 .The basketball team we played on had the winest record in the school history. The problem was that HHS won the next 3 state champship in basket ball finishet 2nd in the next year and won the state championshit again the next year.

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