After breaking the single season home run record and career home run record we now find out Barry Bonds tested positive for steroids back in 2001!?! Why wasn't he punished then? Why have thousands of dollars been spent in court over an issue that could have been settled 7 years ago?

This information should have been released years ago and Hank Aaron should have remained home run king while Bonds served his respective suspensions for the violation. The fact he then lied to a Grand Jury in 2003 about it means he probably should have served jail time also, leading me to believe that between jail terms and a hopefully large suspension, we would still have the rightful home run king today, Hank Aaron.

Either Bud Selig is the single most clueless individual on the face of the earth or simply thought he could ignore this issue that will now OFFICIALLY tarnish MLB record books forever. I think most people realized this problem existed years ago, most think Bonds did take steroids, but now we find that proof existed before this debate should have ever come up.

I added a post to the Locker Room also,

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