Since the beginning of the year Met fans have been hammered, for the booings of Carlos Delgado and more specifically Johan Santana after his first Shea start. The booing of Santana was basically a few thousand idiot fans who overpowered the majority who was cheering. Either way the perception was that all Met fans were overcritical assholes who will boo all the outs the Mets get until they are 10 games over 500 and we got lambasted for this for weeks.

Lets say everything said about Met fans are true, the Met fans are too harsh on Delgado, Scott Schoeneweis and others, while entirely unfair because Met fans are sensitive about September 07, shouldn’t be a stop the presses situation, because they are mercenary players. They didn’t come up through the system or become a member of the team by a great trade. It will take a lot more for Perez and Maine to get even half the booing Schoeneweis receives even though Scott has played well in April.

But, why do I feel that this overanalyzing by talking heads will not happen to Yankee fans who in my Met fan opinion are acting like the overcritical assholes that the Met fans were being accused of?

Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy were supposed to be the future of the Yankee rotation with Chien-Ming Wang when the new Yankee Stadium opens up next April, but things have not gone according to plan so far. Neither has pitched well nor consistently over an entire game usually having one bad inning and sometimes two bad innings.

A month ago these guys were the future, fans were talking about Hughes game where he got hurt and his playoff performance and Kennedy with his four earned runs in nineteen innings and how they were so happy that they and Melky Cabrera were not included in the Santana trade.

Now they are getting booed off the mound. Why? Because they are young and will be up and down? Because this is further proof fans are impatient? I still think the Yankee fans should be patient and realize that the pitching and hitting have been bad at the same time and that is unfortunate if you are a Yankee fan.

I just don’t understand how Met fans are horrible for booing but Yankee fans aren’t for booing homegrown young guys.

Please explain to me the difference

  1. I do not see this Girardi thing working out so well in New York. He is not good with questions after losses
  2. And he comes from the Willie Randolph school of ripping young guys while defending the grizzled veterans
  3. Last night Kennedy couldn’t wait to get off the mound, but, I still think he will be good once he trusts his stuff and his defense
  4. Unfortunately the ball was hit near the wall by Bobby Abreu and he is more afraid of walls than a kid of the Boogie Man
  5. I think the Mets should go 3-3 on this West Coast trip
  6. Looking forward to seeing the Diamondbacks for three games to see if they are real
  7. I am afraid they might be
  8. Nothing annoys me more than separate admission doubleheaders like Mets @ Atlanta May 20 th
  9. Anyone heard anything from El Duque?
  10. Don’t know shit about horse racing but as always am looking forward to the fastest two minutes in sports
  11. I wouldn’t wish that nickname “fastest two minutes” on my worst enemy
  12. Yikes

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