Well here we are again, another national title game, another cornucopia of arguments on why the BCS sucks so much. Everywhere I look, and on every channel I turn it’s all I hear.

“We need a four team playoff!”

“We need to have a championship game plus one!”

Those were paraphrased, of course. But you know what I haven’t heard, at all? Not anywhere?

“The BCS system is fantastic. The two best teams in the country are definitely playing tonight, no doubt!”

Nope, didn’t hear that. In fact, just reading that out loud sounds absolutely ludicrous. The BCS has become a joke, unfortunately and it astonishes me to no end that they haven’t changed it yet.

On a positive note I did read earlier on that they have began to talk about a Final Four, or at least a championship game plus one. (A la, if LSU wins tonight they would pick either USC or Georgia to play them in the real championship game… which I think is retarded compared to a Final Four).

John Swofford, the incoming BCS chairman said the following:

“A lot of people look at it and say ... maybe it would be better if more than two teams had the opportunity to play for the national championship.”

You think? Finally, someone who understands what the fans want. But seriously, how did it take this long? How awesome would a college football championship Final Four be? Think of how much more exciting the college season would be! As it is now, if a team loses in the regular season, most fans are left thinking, “Off to the Meineke Car Care Bowl we go!”

At least with the playoff system, four teams would have a chance at the title and this would most definitely cut down on the teams whining about not being included, if only because some of them will now be included.

So let’s all hope that this thing is put through. As it stands, only the Big Ten and Pac-10 are opposed to this whole thing, although I don’t know why. But let’s all hope that common sense prevails for once and they give the fans something that should have been put in place years ago.

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