Harrell to Crabtree

I was in the newsroom at the college tv station during a show taping, watching the end of this game with a buddy as everyone else was in the control room and studio working on a show. They became slightly ticked when I let out a very audible scream when Michael Crabtree lept up from double coverage, caught the ball, landed with both feet in bounds, plowed through the Texas corners and sprinted into the endzone. This single play cost Texas a place in the title game, possibly Colt McCoy the Heisman, and seriously screwed up the Big 12 South to let the BCS settle the winner. Outrageous. One play changed the whole season. Literally.


My biggest beefs with the BCS are the no-more-than-two-teams-from-a-conference rule and automatic bids. I think the best teams should play in the BCS. If you want to keep the system without a playoff, let the top ten teams play. That's it. Utah in the BCS was great, and they deserved to be there. I would have loved to see Texas Tech in the BCS. They were a blast to watch. Instead, we had had Cincinnati and Virginia Tech, two teams not in the BCS top 15. If you're good, you should play in the BCS. You shouldn't have to play in the Capital One Bowl because Cincinnati won the Little East. Oh, I'm sorry, it's not fair for all of the big conferences to not be represented? Aw, I'm sorry, life's not fair all the time.

Oh, and can you imagine if Missouri won the Big 12 title game? Then you'd have either, not both, Texas or Oklahoma. I think that's something that could have prompted the BCS brains to say, something needs to be changed.

The USC Bowl

I am so sick and tired of USC in the Rose Bowl. It's like a guaranteed home blowout on New Year's Day. Screw the Pac 10-Big 10 tradition. It's boring. You'd think the BCS has figured out by now the Big 10 is not the Big 10 anymore, and every year USC will be deserving but just barely out of the title game. If they beat Oregon State and Iowa doesn't kick a late field goal, you're probably looking at a Penn State-USC title game. Yeesh. So USC, can you please beat who you're supposed to beat and get in the title game where you're supposed to be?

Remember Them?

Vanderbilt starts 5-0, ECU beats Virginia Tech and West Virginia, Georgia was the top team in the nation to start the year, Missouri was a national title contender, and LSU took Alabama to the brink. Vandy finished 7-6. ECU started 3-0, landed in the top 20, then finished 9-5 with a loss to Kentucky in the Liberty Bowl. Georgia got housed by Alabama and Florida, lost to Georgia Tech in the regular-season finale, and will lose Matt Stafford and Knowshon Moreno to the draft. Missouri didn't play defense. LSU thought they had a quarterback, instead they had the Walking Interception, Jarrett Lee. A friendly reminder that the season is a marathon, not a sprint.

So that's college football in a nutshell, minus You Know Who (who I really like, but there are other things in life besides You Know Who, unlike the sports media would have you believe). Enjoy the basketball and determining a national champion the right way.

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