This could possibly be the dumbest move I have ever seen.  Who stages a fight before a College World Series qualifying game?  Apparently the boys down at Arizona State do.  I am not sure whose idea this was, but if it was a coach they should be fired on the spot.


Just before a qualifying game, when the teams were taking the field two Arizona State players got into a fight with each other, and had to be separated by teammates.  Local reports are now claiming the fight was staged, and was only done as a way to ease tensions before the big game. 


Arizona State lost the game… great idea.


If this was an idea that these two young men came up with on their own, then it was nothing more than kids being kids meaning they were stupid.  However, if an Arizona State coach or staff member had this idea, there has to be some serious questions raised about if this man should remain on with the team. 


Creating a fake fight before a game at the very least creates more tension within an obviously already uptight team.  Instantly after the fight breaks out you’re going to have players choosing sides.  There is going to be a tension within the dugout that cannot be denied. These players don’t know what’s going on, all they know is that two of their teammates are going at it, and now they have to decide who they are with.  Not exactly what you need going through your head when you’re behind the count 3-2 and your team is down 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth.


Another thing one has to worry about is, during a staged fight how do you know that one of your players does not roll and ankle, slip on a seam tear an ACL or any other list of random injuries that could occur.  It would not be the first time we have seen a fluke injury take place.


A phony fight… let’s seriously hope this motivational tactic doesn’t become common.  If it does, then the sports world in its entirety is in very deep trouble.

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