Hey Fans,

Well the New York Mets last night/early this morning proved my point.

Granted, Ollie Perez, the free agent pitcher Scott Boras thought was going to be his next BIG signing - NOT!) couldn't get out of the first inning and threw just a mere 36 pitches didn't help.

The Mets, who hopefully are fast asleep now, have to endure the return of Pedro Martinez tonight in their hopes to go back above the .500 mark.

I know they're professionals, but MLB acquiescing to ESPN, did a grand disservice to the Mets and their fans. If/when the Mets lose out to thePhiladelphia Phillies or yes, the Florida Marlins by one game, their June 2nd game @ the San Francisco Giants may well be looked upon as the game that helped send them home early. Which will not make the Wilpons (father and son) happy, who are still hoping the last game to be played at Shea is the one that clinches the 2008 World Series.

I'm not a Fantasy player, in any sport, but the U.S. Supreme Court did the right thing when it rejected an appeal from MLB and the Players Association (that's unique having them both at the same table in court) to have Fantasy sports companies pay licensing fees to them. Now, hopefully they'll stop going after Little Leaguers who use MLB team names. I mean, I understand MLB logos/names are trademarks, but don't they understand the youth, and their parents, comprise MLB's core market, both now and in the future?

Till next time.

Chuck T

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