You might have noticed we've expanded our blogging topics over the last couple of weeks and we aren't exclusively providing you fantasy football guidance. Part of it has been due to us being 30 somethings that have other interests, interests that we are certain our readers share (if you don't like Melissa Theuriau /see left/ then we are not the site for you). It is also the quiet part of the fantasy season in regards to decision making. We will continue to answer all of the roster questions you send us directly, but we've certainly reached the calm.

We could give you what CBS, ESPN and the like will give you over the next 6 months by providing you a weekly regurgitated mock draft. By doing so, I'm wasting your time and mine. I guess that is what full-time (and paid) fantasy experts do in February... hold mock drafts with 11 of their closest bags.

What we believe is the key to any fantasy dynasty, your annual keeper decisions, doesn't present its deadline for months. As we get into the offseason you'll see regular updates of our keeper rankings (always posted towards the bottom of the site) and consistent posts regarding off season moves and trades that affect player value. Every site will give you the same list on who to draft, but we'll release ours sometime in '08 with the players to reach for and those to avoid all together. In the meantime, you'll notice plenty of non-fantasy posts that are here to entertain you and give us an excuse to post randomness.

Until then, enjoy our other posts. Go check out our favorite links. Try to drink a pony-keg and then go lasso a two-headed cow with only one lasso. Invite that girl you've been eyeing in your office out for some dinner, have some chicken, maybe some sex, see where it goes. Go hit up a low rent bikini contest in your local hotel lobby bar while you max out your buddies credit card on Jaeger-bombs. I don't care what you do, just quit reading articles on who you should draft with the first pick in next years fantasy draft when it's only February!

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