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Jazz guard Gordan Giricek has never seemed to fit in with the Utah Jazz. After being traded to the team at the end of the 2003-2004 season, it seemed like he never fit in.

The Jazz play a style of basketball that is based on precision passing, and Giricek's lapses did nothing but anger coach Jerry Sloan. It was so bad that on the last Utah roadtrip he was sent home.

Those days are over as the Jazz announced that Giricek was traded off to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Kyle Korver.

As for Giricek's contributions to the Jazz, there aren't any memorable plays or events that come up. Quite frankly, he never seemed to fit in with the team and it's best to see him move on. So what can Korver do?

He can shoot the three pointer like woah. Two points if you remember Black Rob. He's shooting 35% this season; 40% for his career.

A reliable swingman that can shoot from the outside is something that the Jazz need, especially since rookie guard Morris Almond isn't ready yet. One of the reasons why the Phoenix Suns are so deadly is that the Steve Nash/Amare Stoudemire pick and roll frees up outside shooters. Deron Williams/Carlos Boozer are great at the pick and roll, and either of them driving can free up Korver for an easy shot.

Defensively Korver isn't too impressive, but think of this lineup the Jazz can now use:

Williams at the PG Korver/Ronnie Brewer at the SG or SF Andrei Kirilenko at the PF Carlos Boozer at the C

This lineup can score and rebound the ball well. It also allows Kirilenko to play more in the paint which is something that he wants. He's also a great help defender and can help if Korver's man slips by.

While this isn't the most spectacular trade, it's one that's worth a shot and can help get the Jazz back on track in the new year.

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