It's that time again. Women with brightly colored hats drinking mint juleps, the common people standing in the grandstands, the University of Louisville Marching Band playing " My Old Kentucky Home " and the infield watching the finest athletes to ever partake in a sporting event. The fastest two minutes in sports takes place this Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky, when all eyes will be on 20 horses and their jockeys to see who could be the first Triple Crown winner in over three decades.

Big Brown is the favorite at 3-1 for taking the Roses, despite the fact that he's going to be on the outside. This may give him the edge. I got to see this horse run and I am impressed. He may be the one that breaks the cycle. If I were a betting person, I would gladly put $20 on this horse. Pyro and Visonare at 4-1 and 6-1, respectively, may be a challenge for him. In fact, I see them going 1-2-3 for the trifecta. For those of you wondering if this is an all-male field, the answer's no. Eight Belles, a filly, will be in the 5th spot at 15-1. The long shot? Big Truck at 50-1. Now if you were to bet $20 on Big Truck with those odds and he won, you may want to tell your boss you won't be coming into work Monday or ever.  

Granted, we'll have to sit through ESPN's coverage of the other races until 5 pm ET. The wait will be worth it, though. Around 6:05, America will see if any of these 20 horses will be the next Secretariat, Seattle Slew, Citation, Man O' War, Whirlaway or Seabiscuit on NBC. This may be the year that a Triple Crown winner rears his (or her) head.

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