Who should be in the top ten all-time?

Proposal for a new perspective on ArmchairGM scoring...

Statistics sometimes tell the whole story but many other times they can be thrown out the window. So here is a new formula to help see who's the top user here at ArmchairGM. Take it or leave it, but first read it...

Who is ArmchairGM's best user? To figure this out statistically this is the formula that will be used:

Total Points = (Thumbs Up - Thumbs Down) + (Published Opinions * 200) - (Unpublished Opinions * 100) + (Edits * 25) + (Gifts Received *50) + (Referrals * 100)

The new total of points will come from the following:

  • Total thumbs up minus total thumbs down will compute each user's comment score. For some users who have not been misused enough, they received the minimal on the top 100 list because there is no way of telling actually how many times they were min used. Come'on people, being bigger jackasses...
  • Published Opinions will be multiplied by 200 points. From where does the number 200 come? A user receives 100 points for writing an opinion and 100 more points for when that article reaches the front page...
  • If an opinion was written and it did not hit the front page than it is a unpublished opinion. These opinions will be multiplied by the 100 points it would have received if it had hit the front page and then subtracted from the total score...
  • Edits are still worth 25 points...
  • Gifts received (meaning people like someone and sends them stuff) are still worth 50 points...
  • Referrals are dropped down to 100 points...

So I plugged the numbers of the top (mostly active users) into the formula and here are the results:

User Old Score New ScoreUser Old Score New Score
User:Roblefko2,041,070 1,948,531User:The Beast277,400 156,700
User:DNL1,800,340 637,114User:MegECass110272,020 40,184
User:Romiezzo1,256,750 436,719User:LASportsblog239,740 21,623
User:JuTMSY4880,860 69,758User:Niteowl049231,690 56,957
User:SSreporters869,215 129,713User:Bobbyjim45231,305 61,910
User:Falcon02520819,825 160,655User:MetsJetsDevils224,600 25,386
User:Alex Holowczak764,300 352,386User:DRE-LO221,115 43,484
User:Christof761,230 171,952User:Afraidofedhochuli207,885 33,687
User:Yakob878686,455 151,152User:Bball3345201,415 72,450
User:Awrigh01638,050 446,697User:Pittsburgh Gunny189,895 90,613
User:Davis21wylie550,830 236,483User:Oh No Romo183,270 19,679
User Old Score New ScoreUser Old Score New Score
User:Tylersalt528,520 196,643User:Tmil42174,785 65,464
User:Kelsdad473,235 79,385User:Manny Stiles159,585 142,096
User:False Prophet464,120 85,857User:Cornfed78157,020 40,656
User:Coreyisarealboy445,925 147,404User:Trizz125,420 25,818
User:Thecrookedcap428,150 336,838User:InterMat124,700 13,208
User:Erooster414,985 127,611User:TheSportsApple114,885 11,333
User:Behbigben15414,705 66,441User:Steel Town106,740 2,714
User:BigPPup398,870 60,722User:Cougar2000100,245 4,605
User:Pean365,345 92,826User:Oneflydude94,405 20,103
User:Cheezer302,870 129,229User:Crackajg91,340 21,448
User:Rawbeezeitz279,170 25,679

With all the numbers in place, let's take a look at the top AGM users using this formula:

RankUserOld TotalNew Total
1User:Roblefko2,041,070 1,948,531
2User:DNL1,800,340 637,114
3User:Awrigh01638,050 446,697
4User:Romiezzo1,256,750 436,719
5User:Alex Holowczak764,300 352,386
6User:Thecrookedcap428,150 336,838
7User:Davis21wylie550,830 236,483
8User:Tylersalt528,520 196,643
9User:Christof761,230 171,952
10User:Falcon02520819,825 160,655

* Numbers are taken from the rankings from AGM's Top Users Page as of about five pm eastern standard time...
** If anyone has any questions about the scoring or you think I facked up somewhere, feel free to message me and complain/compliment/heckle...
*** Please allow leeway for human error...

So there it stands, a new ranking system (not that there is anything wrong with the one in place), but it does give more credit to users who may deserve more credit...

  • Roblefko and DNL are still ranked one-two all time...
  • Romiezzo is bounced to fourth because Awrigh01 vaulted up to the third spot...
  • Alex Holowczak also bounced up; a total of three spots...
  • Thecrookedcap went from seventeenth to sixth!!!
  • Davis21wylie also moved into the top ten from the outside, with Tylersalt staying right on his tail...
  • Christof remains one of three in the top ten to not relinquish their position; DNL and Roblefko being the other two...
  • Falcon02520 drops a few spots but remains in the top ten...
  • JuTMSY4, SSreporters, and Yakob878 all drop out of the top ten...

Please leave your comments/arguments/criticism/compliments below so that I can promptly ignore them...

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