College football opening weekend was amazing, and that is coming from a UVA fan. There were some nice upsets, some great games, and some good times had by all. However, with good upsets comes shake up in the Top 25. Well here at Walker-Sports our top 25 got a little shaken up as well. Let’s take a look.

1) Georgia Bulldogs: I know they dropped in every other poll, but here at Walker-Sports you are the top dog till someone knocks you off. Sure they didn’t blow out Ga. Southern, but they got the job done. And remember they were missing about 20 players because of suspensions. The Bulldogs may not finish the season in the top spot but they did enough to hold on.

2) USC: The Trojans destroyed the Cavaliers on Saturday. More importantly UVA is a BCS team unlike Youngstown St. which OSU took on. That is why they were able to leap frog the Buckeyes. USC is stacked on Offense and Defense and the Sept 13 showdown will e amazing.

3) OSU: The Buckeyes played well on Saturday, but they lost Chris Wells. It is still unsure how long or to what extent the injury to his foot is, but he will sit out next Saturday and should be a go on Sept 13.

4) Florida Gators: Tim Teabow is still a stud. Next weeks game against the Hurricanes could be interesting, but I would not bank on it.

5) Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners jumped up to the 5 spot because they looked like gangbusters on Saturday. They could have put up 100 points but Stoops called the dogs off at the half.

6) LSU: They player early in one of the strangest scenes in Death Valley ever (name the last time you saw that place not sold out on opening day). Despite that the Tigers looked sharp and still got out of town ahead of Gustav.

7) Missouri Tigers: They played one of the best games on the weekend against Illinois. Chase Daniels is a great QB. However they needed a small miracle to get by that is why they had to drop.

8) West Virginia: Pat White looked great on Saturday. He was ale to toss the ball around and looked sharp. Now if they can just avoid the Big East pitfalls.

9) Kansas Jayhawks: Destroyed Florida International. More importantly 52,000 in attendance. Got to love that.

10) Auburn: They didn’t need the new spread offense in their season opener. Racking up 34 points the old fashion way is all it took.

11) Wisconsin: The Badgers were too big and too strong for the Akron Zips. Poor Zippy never knew what hit him.

12) Texas Longhorns: Colt put up 300 yards total offense on Saturday while doing his best Tim Teabow impression. He will need more games like that if the Longhorns want to navigate through the Big 12 South

13) Texas Tech: Run and Shoot… well shoot shoot shoot that’s what the Red Raiders did Saturday. 639 yards on offense. Too bad they still gave up 29 points, guess some things just don’t change.

14) BYU Cougars: They handled Northern Iowa with relative ease. More importantly with Utah’s win on Saturday this rivalry just got a little hotter and I cannot wait to watch that game.

15) Arizona State: The Sun Devils looked sharp in their opener. However, they will need to continue to improve if they want to knock off Pac-10 powerhouse USC.

16) South Florida: They destroyed Tennessee Martin in the opener, but schedule gets tougher. Especially with a game the Jayhawks quickly approaching.

17) Alabama: All that money they pay Nick Saben doesn’t seem so bad after what they did to Clemson Saturday night. Alabama is young and will hit some rough spots but they put the entire country on notice.

18) Penn State: The played Costal Carolina who cares…oh Joe Pa tied Bowden atop the all time wins column so that contest will go on.

19) Oregon: The talent is still there, but they lost another starting QB on Saturday. Injuries will kill them and ruin another season.

20) Clemson Tigers: Well who wants to hire Tommy Bowden? He better run the ACC if he wants to keep his job after that train wreck this past weekend.

21) Wake forest: The Decs rolled Baylor and actually came across as the sharpest team in the ACC. Clemson may want to start looking over their shoulders.

22) Utah: What a game in the Big House. Utah is a very good team so there is no shame if you are Michigan in that lost. Utah has its sites on BYU they just need to stay focused.

23) Fresno State: On the road on a cross country trip and a great win. Next week it doesn’t get any easier with a game against the Badgers. Nonetheless this is a very good team in the WAC.

24) UCLA: What a way to start the season. Monday night game and they pull the upset at home. Kraft will need to improve on his performance he won’t be able to get away with too many 4 pick outings.

25)Tennessee: The Vols should never go to the West Coast again. A lost to Cal in the opener last season, and UCLA upset them this year. Despite the set back Tennessee did look good at times on Monday, they just need to settle into their offense.

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