What's this? An ArmchairGM Fantasy Basketball Update? It works for the other sports, so here we go...

Current Standings
Rank Team W-L-TPctGB
1Firebirds71-44-2 .615 -
2 falcon02520 70-44-3 .611 0.5
3 Time 4 Sum Akshun 64-46-7 .577 4.5
4 Romiezzo's 62-54-1 .534 9.5
5 Agent 0 61-54-2 .530 10
6 Lebron's Kingz 59-56-2 .513 12
7 Seattle SuperSucks 57-59-1 .491 14.5
8 AGM Linebacker 54-60-3 .474 16.5
9 Tmil42 50-64-3 .440 20.5
10 Fetish For Farmar 48-66-3 .423 22.5
11 OneFlyTeam 46-66-5 .415 23.5
12 Hardwood Warriors 43-72-2 .376 28

First Motion

Let's recap AGM's Fantasy Football League. BBB15 took down The Falcon in the championship game by a score of 106 to 103. Talk about your nail-biters. Scary part is the Matt Cassel is the only player in this matchup to score more than BB's kicker Stephen Gostkowski. This was one of only two losses the Falcon encountered since starting 0-5. The first win of the season for falcon's boys came in week six against BBB15; in a high scoring affair nonetheless (116-121). It was the only regular season meeting of the two teams before the championship game. Send your congrats to AGM's youth, Mr. Ben Heck...


The Fantasy Playoffs are less than two months away now. The race for the playoffs is very tight and anybody is in position now to fall. With only six teams making the playoffs, Lebron's Kingz currently holds the final playoff spot. Three other teams are with-in 8.5 games back. An amount very easy to make up. Meanwhile the top two spots go to the teams with the longest weekly winning streaks in the league; The Firebirds and Falcon02520...

Birds of the Sky

The Firebirds (whoever they are) have not lost to a weekly opponent since Week 2!!! An 10-0-1 record since starting 0-2-0, bringing their season weekly record to 10-2-1. The Falcon is the only other team that has lost only twice on the season. With a seven game win streak, the Falcon is 10-2-1 weekly on the season. These two team show that activity pays off. With a combined 29 moves on the season, the birds of the sky have been the two most active members of the league. The rest of the league (ten other teams) have combined to only six total moves!!! Pay attention people!

The Firebirds have their players scheduled daily and encorporate their bench players into their rotation. This has been a key to their success. Just like real life, LeBron James is leading a team that lacks a true number two superstar. But fantasy role players such as Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace, Paul Millsap, and Marcus Camby have stepped up their game this season helping the Firebirds to the top record in the land...

As for the Falcon's squad, the hottest player in the land Danny Granger has lead a team of misfits to the second spot in the fantasy rankings. Joe Johnson, Derek Fisher, Caron Butler, and Troy Murphy are some of the key producers on the season. With the recent power surges from Charlie Villanueva and Andrew Bynum, there is no reason to think this team will fall apart down the stretch...

Safe in Third

Time 4 Sum Akshun is built more like a the traditional "fantasy team." With stars such as Ray Allen, Al Jefferson, Rashard Lewis, and Tayshaun Prince anchoring this team, it is easy to say that these guys aren't going to carry their team anywhere but up in the standings. Young talents Kevin Durant and O.J. Mayo are key producers on this team's starting roster. They even have a cherry on top of this cake; the number one fantasy scorer in all of fantasy basketball CP3!!! Chris Paul is the concensus top fantasy player on the season thus far...

Battle For Seeds

Time is ticking down and the playoff seeds are still up for grabs. Romiezzo's team, Agent 0, and Lebron's Kingz would hold the final playoff spots if the season were to end today. Luckily it goes on, giving Seattle SuperSucks, AGM Linebacker, and Tmil42 legitmate shots as a playoff births...

Thanks for taking your time to read this short recap of Armchair's battle for fantasy supremicy...

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