Oh how long it has been... Worry do not, your update is on it's way. With the season winding down, there may as well be one more update during the stretch run before this season's ArmchairGM Fantasy Baseball Champion is announced. So sit back and read along as for here is an update three months in the making...
Current Standings
Rank Team PointsPreviousChange
1 falcon02520 1519.22 2+1
2 Davis21Wylie 1515.17 1-1
3 Tyler's Salt Shakers 1514.33 3-
4 Tmil42 1443.95 4-
5 Kingz 1418.84 10+5
6 Rented Mules 1386.50 5-1
7 Demonboy 1377.65 13+6
8 Yakob878 1349.46 6-2
9 Goose Bay Killers 1305.12 7-2
10 Long Wooden Bats 1227.51 9-1
11 Kelsdad 1223.05 14+3
12 The Clemens Curse 1204.41 8-4
13 The Brew Haus 1152.46 16+3
14 Patrickburke1980 1127.97 12-2
15 Trizz 1110.38 15-
16 British Lions 1052.01 11-5
17 BBB15 922.67 17-
18 Agent0 861.17 18-
19 Denver BlueCarp 835.20 19-

Top Players

Albert Pujols is the leading point scoring amongst position players this season. There are six pitchers who have scored more than Prince Albert so far this season. Cy Young favorites Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum are amongst the six along with Johan Santana and Cole Hamels. Roy Halladay tops the list of highest scorers. C.C. Sabathia round out the top fantasy scorers. The Kingz and Falcon02520 are the only two teams to each have two pitchers in the top ten in scoring among pitchers; C.C. Sabathia and Dan Haren for the falcon and Ryan Dempster and Johan Santana for the Kingz. As for position players, no team has multiple players in the top ten in scoring...

Hottest Players

The hottest hitter in the league is Ryan Howard. After a slow start, he has climbed out of his hole and now leads the league in home runs and runs batted in. Rounding out the top ten among hottest hitters are Carlos Beltran (TM42), Miguel Cabrera (Bobby), Manny Ramirez (Crack), Jimmy Rollins (Agent0), Jayson Werth (BBB15), Shin-Soo Choo (F/A), Dustin Pedroia (Salty), Andre Ethier (DDub), Nate McLouth (Goose). The hottest pitchers in the league are Tim Lincecum (PBurke) and Roy Oswalt (Salty)...

League Leader

Zz falcon logo

I must admit, I love my logo...

Here is where I get to talk about myself; which is admittingly awesome. It is hard to point to one specific area that has helped the team from the 02520. The team does not lead the league in At Bats, Hits, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, Stolen Bases, Caught Stealing, Walks, Innings Pitched, or Earned Runs. The only lead in the standings; which is what matters most. Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, and Grady Sizemore were the key cogs to the offense. Pitchers C.C. Sabathia and Dan Haren carried the pitching staff through the second half of the season. Rookie of the Year favorite Evan Longoria and catcher Russell Martin were also key contributors to the overall success of this team. It is coming down to the wire though. No team can claim victory just yet...

Movin' On Up

Demonboy is the biggest climber over the last three months. He has risen six places up to the rank of seven. Pulling his team along is the veteran bats of his line up; Christian Guzman, Adam LaRoche, and Magglio Ordonez. Leading his pitching staff are young gun Ricky Nolasco and future hall of famer Mariano Rivera. Congrats to Demonboy for rising this far. Also on the rise is the Kingz. After climbing all the way to second place a few weeks ago, he is back down to fifth. That is still good enough for a total move up of five places to fifth. Romi can give a lot of credit to Carlos Delgado and his second half turn-around. And with aquisitions such as Denard Span and Cameron Maybin, it is not hard to see why Romi has made a stellar comeback in this, his first year of fantasy baseball...

Reigning Champion

The British Lions have been inactive since May 9th. Looks like the cup is coming back to the United States. GO U-S-A!!!

Editor's Notes

Feel free to add your own notes/thoughts here:

  • Agent0 paid no attention to his team since the draft. The standings tell that whole story...
  • Blue Carp gave a month of his time to the league. Standings show what happened there...
  • The Clemens Curse (formally Clemens Conscience) fell off the standings about the time his internet time fell off the face of the earth. It's ashame because he was doing so well. I hope everything is doing better Crack-a-Jack...
  • September is rolling to an end. With it's final days come the final days of the MLB regular season...
  • Congrats to all the users succeeding...
  • Shame on all the users not paying any attention to the league...

With three teams seperated by less than five points, this season is coming down to the wire. It would be nice to be the favorite here, but with Salty's team being so hot, it is hard to believe that he would not be able to make up five points over the rest of the season. Meanwhile, Davis is out of innings to pitch. It would be very difficult for him to pull off a comeback. With the season near end, stay tunned for the announcement of the final standings and this season ArmchairGM Fantasy Baseball Champion...

Thanks to T42 for letting me guest host the ArmchairGM Fantasy Baseball Update 5.0.

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