Ok, this is halfway for 9 of the 17 teams, and while the top of the National Conference is crystal clear (the four top teams are 24-4), the American Conference is still open to 75% of the conference (the top 4 teams are 14-12). Dallas is on bye this weekend.

Friday, 18 Apr 08:

3-4 New York Dragons at 2-4 Tampa Bay Storm.

All time series: Tampa leads 5-4, 3-3 at home.

New York has made some moves to get an offensive line worthy of Aaron Garcia's talent, and the Dragons have responded with 2 straight 60+ point games. Couple that with a defense that's given up an average of 37ppg over their past 3, and the Dragons are well on their way to erasing the half game they're out of the playoffs going into this weekend. The Storm, however, have been on a slow spiral down after opening 2-0. They've dropped their last 2 by 4 points, and desperately need a win to keep within shouting distance of a playoff spot. 3-4 San Jose SaberCats at 0-7 Utah Blaze.

All time series: San Jose leads 3-1, 2-0 in Utah.

Darren Arbet's 'Cats are fighting through the second worst start in the 14 year franchise history. They've lost in ways they don't normally lose (a 29 point beatdown two weeks ago, giving up points in the last 10 seconds last weekend) and if they keep playing around, they're going to give up the division title they've held all but 1 year this decade. Utah, on the other hand, is hapless. Still in the running for a playoff spot, it won't matter if they don't quit giving up 66ppg (worst in the league).

5-2 New Orleans VooDoo at 3-3 Arizona Rattlers.

All time series: New Orleans leads 1-0.

A meeting of division leaders, New Orleans has played more consistently over the course of the season. They're 5-2 against teams that are a combined 15-5, while Arizona is even against teams that are 10-9. The Rattlers send out a completely different team every game, one week capable of barely cracking 30 points, and the next winning a 63-62 barnburner on the road. It's all up to which Rattlers team takes the field.

Saturday, 19 Apr 08:

3-3 Colorado Crush at 0-6 Kansas City Brigade.

All time series: Colorado leads 4-0.

The other American Conference oh-fer hosts the Elways on a short week. Given the way they've played, a long week wouldn't help. Colorado is fighting to keep up with conference leading Chicago. KC isn't eliminated from the playoffs yet, but they haven't shown they can get it done.

5-2 Orlando Predators at 3-3 Georgia Force.

All time series: Georgia leads 15-10, 7-4 at home.

Brother Of Chucky have the Preds back where they belong, amongst the leaders in the National Conference. Doug Plank has righted the Force, (won 3 of their last 4) and this should just be a super slugfest.

3-3 Cleveland Gladiators at 3-4 Los Angeles Avengers.

All time series: Los Angeles leads 7-2, 5-0 at home

Cleveland opened the season 3-0, but have dropped their last three, from a 39 point asswhoopin' to a heartbreaking 3 point loss to the Elways last weekend. Los Angeles stopped the bleeding last weekend, after getting slapped silly by 25ppg for 4 straight games, finally won a game for the first time in a month.

Sunday, 20 Apr 08:

2-4 Grand Rapids Rampage at 5-2 Chicago Rush

All time series: Chicago leads 11-5, 5-2 at home.

Well, after a record-setting two week run, Grand Rapids have fallen back into the team that won 15 games in 4 years. Chicago, on the other hand, is clearly the class of the American Conference, being the only team in the conference with a winning record.

Monday, 21 Apr 08:

7-0 Philadelphia Soul at 2-5 Columbus Destroyers.

All time series: Even at 4-4, 2-2 for both at each other's place.

Sadly, the Destoryers have reverted to their franchise history (51-98, zero winning seasons in 10 years), losing games. The Soul have ignored losing one of the top 3 QBs in the league and have failed to lose at all this year. The BonJaworskis are desperate to be 8-0 before they have to go meet their fate in Dallas in 2 weeks.

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