It's playoff TIME!!!!!  Which means NO losing from here on out, you win, you move on.  You lose, and it's over 'till next year.  Here is my predictions for round ONE of the 2007-2008 NFL playoffs.

Saturday January 5th, 2008


6 Washington Redskins over 3 Seattle Seahawks (4:30 PM ET)

The death of teammate Sean Taylor helped the 'Skins overcome alot, and clinch the 6th seed of the playoffs with the win over the 13-3 Dallas Cowboys.  Washington is on a roll, and an overrated Seahawks team isn't going to stop them now.  After Jason Campbell went down, backup veteran QB, Todd Collins, stepped in and has done an awesome job, and leading them to 4 straight wins, finishing with a 9-7 record.  WAS 28 SEA 17


5 Jacksonville Jaguars over 4 Pittsburgh Steelers (8 PM ET)

I don't see the Steelers winning this game without Willie Parker, who broke his leg 2 weeks ago.  Even at home, the Jaguars will just run all over the Steelers D, with the dynamic duo of Fred Taylor, and Maurice Jones-Drew.  Ben Roethlisberger will have more pressure on him without Parker, and the Jags defense will take advantage of that.  I do think the Steelers will keep this game close, though.  JAC 24 PIT 21

Sunday January 6th, 2008


4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers over 5 New York Giants (1 PM ET)

Tampa's Cover 2 defense is going  to dominate the inconsistent Eli Manning, who hasn't had a very good career in the playoffs so far.  Both teams lack the running game they were supposed to have this year, but Earnest Graham has been doing pretty good, and Jeff Garica will be 100%.  Joey Galloway expects to have a big day against NY's secondary as long as Tampa's offensive line can stop pass rushers Michael Strahan, and Osi Umenyiora.  This game could get ugly, as a matter of fact.  NYG 14 TB 35


3 San Diego Chargers over 6 Tennessee Titans

This is another game that could get ugly, especially if Tennessee's Vince Young isn't 100% after tearing his quadricep in last week's win over the Indianapolis Colts to clinch the 6th seed.  Ladainian Tomlinson isn't just going to go out there and have fun in the playoffs, either.  He's there to win, especially after last year's loss to New England at home after their 14-2 regular season.  SD's offense will be on top of their game, and their defense will easily stop Tennessee's only strength on offense, the run game.  TEN 10 SD 31

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